Rusted Roots Grand Opening Weekend *VIDEO*

Let’s imagine you and me, sittin’ on the back porch, sippin’ some sweet tea and a great idea pops in my head! Why don’t I run inside and grab the photo album of all the pictures we took at the Grand Opening of Rusted Roots, Mebane. Remember those days?? The days where we printed our pictures and we wrote little blurbs on the back of them so we wouldn’t forget when it was?? And then… oh then… they came out with the fancy photo albums where you could write your little blurb right there on the page of the book! There were lines and everything. And then there were scrapbooks. But who has the time for that? And now, well, nobody prints pictures anymore. Or at least very few people do.

So I want to take it back to the good old days. Me. You. Our little photo album (albeit digital) and all the little blurbs I would write to capture the wonderful weekend we had at Rusted Roots.

Oh! And there’s a video at the end!!!

So sit back, let me know if you need a refill on your tea and let’s relive the magic of the Rusted Roots Barn Shop Grand Opening!!

Several people snapped some amazing shots of the outside of the old barn shop and boy am I glad they did. I didn’t have a one! Cheryl captured this photo and I simply adore it! All the green makes me so happy and really makes the place feel ALIVE!!

And Chrissy snapped this one of the side of the old barn shop before shoppers came in!

Our day one crew was simply the BEST! Thank you Mama Rusted Roots, Jan, my brother Andrew, nephew Rob, childhood friend Chrissy, Michelle, Celeste, Cory, Cheri, and Denise! Bill and I couldn’t have done what we did without you!

And the shoppers showed up too!! Our veteran shoppers knew to bring a chair. Ha ha!! And we were so lucky that the rain held off. Chrissy snapped this picture while I was running around doing last minutes things. Our Honorary Founders and those who purchased early entry tokens were stoked to be first in the door! And guess what y’all?? We plan to sell early entry tokens each month! More on that later!

My buddy, Megan Doss, kept the crowd entertained until the doors opened at 10am! She is a rockstar. Sang all of our favorites and even did a little custom ‘Rusted Roots’ diddy to the tune of Parachute, by Chris Stapleton. Check out the video below to hear a snippet!! (It’s at the end.)

Our checkout crew anxiously awaited the removal of the entry rope. The calm before the storm if you will. We really didn’t know what to expect. (Brother Andrew, Mama Rusted Roots, Celeste, and Michelle)

Once the doors opened, the crowd was steady all day. It wasn’t like in Hillsborough where it was nutso the first couple hours and then tapered off. There were folks flowing in and out all day long. It was AWESOME!! 

Lots of our regulars! Familiar faces that we saw every month in Hillsborough. We are so blessed that y’all followed us to our new barn shop in Mebane!

Honorary founders like Jocelyn and her sweet Mama who came from out of state to visit the new barn shop! Y’all don’t know how much it means to have y’all’s support! And other shoppers who drove three hours from SC to see the new barn shop!! Thank you, Becky for loading up the kids and the hubby and making the three hour trek!

Another moment that totally stole our hearts was when the Steinruck family came walking down the long dirt drive as a family of SIX!!! You may remember we did a little campaign last year… ‘Bring Maya Home’. Well, that’s Maya, the giggly one down front. Ha ha!! Joy exudes from her like none I’ve ever seen! That whole family brings us so much joy. Miss Susan, having just had surgery the day before, came in, arm in a sling, and said she wouldn’t miss it for anything. We are so so blessed.

Happy Maya and big sis, Sara at Rusted Roots.

Kevin Baker hopped in mid-day and took the reigns from Megan. A first timer to Rusted Roots, his voice is simply amazing! He’ll be back at our May 12-13 barn sale, playing from 10am-2pm on Friday! Y’all don’t want to miss him play. You can hear a sampling of his talent in the video below as well!!

The shopping continued the rest of the day.

And we were blown away by the outpuring of gifts and congratulatory flowers. Y’all are just too sweet to us. Terri came all the way from Asheville for our Grand Opening. She was first in line at our Hillsborough shop three years ago. And was first in line at the barn shop as well!! She and her daddy made us this beautiful farmhouse bench. I know the sunshine wasn’t our friend in this picture but I just had to show y’all how cute it is! We love it!

The shopping continued until 5pm. Folks enjoyed lunch from the food trucks and the live music out front, then came back in for round two! Ha ha!

By the end of the day we were wiped out. But were excited to do it again on Saturday.

Y’all need me to refill your sweet tea??? That was only day one!

The old rusty truck was ready for day two!! Dale snapped this photo for us. She got a lot of great shots!

This one too! Thank you, Dale for grabbing the pictures I forgot to take!

Elliott Smith kicked things off for us Saturday morning. He sure does know how to strum that guitar and that voice!! Believe it or not, Elliott and I sang in chorus together in High School. Who’d a thunk, nearly 20 years later. Whoa! 20 years. Okay let’s back it up, 18 years. Yeah. 18. That sounds better. Whew. And here we are again!!

Our day two crew was just as good as the first!! Thank you Mama Rusted Roots, Jan, Rob, Michelle, Celeste, Amber, and Skylar!! We appreciate y’all so much!!

The shopping continued Saturday.

Folks had fun digging through our vintage inspired motel key tags looking for their lucky number!!

Somebody wanted to be in the picture! Ha ha!

And that was a-okay with me!! This guys has stood by me through the loooooong days of prepping the barn shop for this day, all the road trips to gather barn finds, the pricing, the staging, the building of displays and checkout counter, fences and gates. Covering walls with tin and barn wood, painting floors, and covering ceilings. He has pushed himself to the limit day after day. And I am forever grateful for his partnership in Rusted Roots and in life. 

And just as I am grateful for Bill. We are grateful for all of you! Our followers, our shoppers, our staff, our food trucks, our musicians, each and every one of you that made the Grand Opening of Rusted Roots barn shop a SUCCESS!!!

If you ask me… I think this little girl sums up EXACTLY how I feel. THANK YOU!!!!

Now for the video, I promised!!! I love how it captures the excitement of the day. The music that filled the air. The smiles on peoples faces. I could watch it over and over again. Y’all enjoy!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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