Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC

If you’ve been waiting for your invitation to our little farm… THIS IS IT!!!! Rusted Roots is moving to the farm in Mebane, NC and all of you are invited to come see us!!!


If you were at our Christmas sale this past weekend, you were among the first to know!! We made the announcement Friday morning and couldn’t be more excited about the expansion of our little shop!! If you’ve ever been to the shop on a Friday or Saturday morning, you know we have quickly outgrown the space we have in the Daniel Boone Village. The move is bitter sweet for us, as we have loved being in Hillsborough!! We love our building, our location, and most of all the people!! All of YOU, who have become like family to us!! But with a larger space comes great opportunities for a bigger and better Rusted Roots in 2017 and beyond!!

The back story:

We quickly learned in 2015 that our business was exploding before our eyes. Something we are so blessed to see happen, but we kind of weren’t prepared for it. We were running ourselves ragged trying to keep up and still couldn’t meet the demand that we were seeing. So we decided, we had to expand. We spent a lot of time pondering the best move. And decided that if we could purchase a property that would allow us to grow over time, that would be in our best interest. Thus, the search for a small farm began! We had long hoped to live on a farm one day and to raise children in that lifestyle. But now that the business was beckoning the same call, we knew it was what we were meant to do.

If you follow the blog, or Facebook and Instagram, you know that we searched for a long time for our farm and found it earlier this year. You can read that story here, there’s even a video! We knew from the start that the plan was to move the shop to the farm, but we just didn’t know how fast we would be able to make that happen. Fast forward to Nov. 11, 2016 and the sign went up at our Hillsborough shop!


The new shop:

The new shop will be in an old barn on our property. The one behind us in our little photo shoot we did! Ha ha!! (I had on ‘real’ clothes so it had to be documented! Mom laughs at me when I say that. But, most days you will find me in yoga pants and a holey tee-shirt! If I put on jeans or a collar, it’s a special day! I digress.) The barn is almost twice the size of our current shop and a great starting point for what we hope to build on our property! The barn is absolutely gorgeous!! Built from wood harvested from the trees right where the barn sits!! The posts on the front porch, cedar, also harvesting from the grounds.


The inside of the barn is one big open space, so we will have our work cut out for us, creating a flow that will work for the traffic we tend to see. But, we are excited to create in a larger space and have sooooo many fun ideas! Y’all are gonna love it!


The Hillsborough shop:

So, what about the shop in Hillsborough?? Well, we will have one more sale at our current shop. That will be December 2-3, 10-5 both days! That will be the last opportunity to shop the Hillsborough location. Then we will begin packing up the shop and making the move! It will likely take us a couple months if not longer, so we are shooting to open at the new location Spring of 2017!!


Our farm is located in Mebane, NC, just 12 minutes from the shop in Hillsborough and 6 minutes from the Tanger Outlets, right off I-40/I-85. So we are super easy to find!! Tucked away in the country but close to modern conveniences!! We will be sharing more details about the move, the new shop, and the address soon! For now, we are so grateful for our time in Hillsborough and we look forward to seeing all of you December 2-3 for one final hooooo-rah in Hillsborough!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. I am so excited for you. God has blessed you with a plan and paving your way. Your hard work has paid off. So many congrats your way.

  2. Oh so good! I hope to see you in the spring!

  3. Chris Kilpatrick says:

    You two are the Chip and Joanna Gains of North Carolina!! congratulations on making your vision come to life

  4. I saw this coming with the announcement of buying your farm, you go kids!

  5. So excited!! I was too busy to make it this past weekend from Greensboro. Been following your story about your farm and been dying to see it (and the cows ? Across the street) in person! Cannot wait!

  6. Deb Hutzler says:

    Hooray for you guys! I pray many blessing for you both ?

  7. Carolyn Newman says:

    Congratulations! To help us find you in spring 2017, have printed directions to hand out at the December sale or put the directions online with your postings. I hope to make it by the shop the weekend of Dec 2 and 3.

  8. Daryl Morelli says:


  9. Yay! That’s so exciting! If I ever get to NC, I’m coming your way!!

  10. Cassy Wood says:

    woot woot…I cant wait… stop..Mebane NC love from me & the bean

  11. Janice Tilley-Moles says:

    Can’t wait til for your new opening, Yahoo!!!!janice

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