Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market: The People

 I didn’t build the Rusted Roots Junk Market. We did.

didn’t garner over 2,000 visitors from all over the country. We did.

didn’t create an antiques event that made the front page of the newspaper in its first run. We did.

I’m not creating something that is going to have a HUGE impact on our community. WE are!

Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market: The Vendors

I continue to be overwhelmed by the outcome of our first ever Junk Market and would be completely remiss to not give credit and thanks where it is due!! The picture above features each and every one of our vendors!! (Minus Liz from Junktion Alley who particpates via snail mail all the way from Texas!!) You can visit each of their Facebook pages by clicking here. These guys and gals blew me away with their booths, their junk, the creations, their passion!! We had seasoned veterans who have been doing this for over a decade and some who this was their very first market!! You wouldn’t know the difference walking around the market because we all have one thing in common…. PASSION! And it’s that passion that is evident as you shop Rusted Roots Junk Market. It’s a place like no other!!

Then there’s the Rusted Roots crew…

Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market: The Crew

With all that we do at the Rusted Roots shop, you would think we have an army working for us! Oh contrare!! We do all that we do with a few very dedicated and hard working friends and family members! All of whom do what they do with no pay, no rest, sometimes no breaks!! They are the foundation on which I have been able to build this business and without them, it wouldn’t be!!

My Dad: Who has supported me from day one and provided the first $100 that started this business. He sat all day both days with a clicker and kept track of attendance for the Junk Market. Each. And. Every. Person. that stepped foot into the market was tallied! That’s how we  know we had 2014 people!! He helped bring everything out to the Rusted Roots tent and pack it all up when the market was done!! A hard worker who has taught me that hard work and being nice pays off!!

My Mom: Who works tirelessly, not only at the market and our monthly shows, but throughout the month helping prepare. She prices items. She punches out each and every one of those price tags, and strings them too!! She works the register at our shows and she welcomes each and every visitor with a warm smile and a friendly hello!! She is me, when I can’t be there!! Her support physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the month is what keeps me going!

My Step-dad: Who is the go-to guy for loading help! He makes sure that each and every junker can squeeze as much as humanly possible in their car or truck!! He does a lot that no one even knows. He checks the potty room to make sure its clean. He empties the trash cans outside. For a guy that really doesn’t like to get dirty, he does it for the sake of the show!! Ha ha!!

My Brother: Who is the MONEY MAN! Ha ha!! He works the register at our Junk Market and does a great job keeping the books straight! He helps us set up and break down and provided us with some amazing boot scootin’ tunes when our bands weren’t able to play. I know I can give him a job and he’ll figure it out!!

Stephanie & Danielle: Two of the best friends a girl could ask for!! Stephanie has been a dear friend for years. She has been there since before the shop opened, tearing pallets apart for the walls of our shop, hanging burlap, building, painting, whatever we needed!! She has helped me with logo design and ran the Rusted Roots tent at the Junk Market along with Danielle. Danielle is a dear blogger friend who became a real life friend when we opened the shop last November. Danielle is also a vendor at our market. She owns The Salvage Sign and makes all of the amazing hand painted signs you see inside the Rusted Roots shop! She’s quite the talent! Danielle and Steph both are the most selfless friends a girl could ask for!!

And what would a Junk Market be without YOU!! The junkers…

Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market: The Shoppers

I saw so many wagons leaving loaded up with goodies! Trucks piled to the brim! It made me so happy to watch all of YOU dig through the booths and find that special piece of junk that sparked your interest! I know it makes all of us who do this for a living so happy to see someone else who finds the beauty in the pieces we create! To know that you all love them as much as we do means more than you will ever know!!

And some junkers take their support to another level… I was so touched by all the special gifts that people brought me this weekend! Keepsakes that I will always have to remember our first Junk Market. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m kinda overly sentimental! Ha ha!! I love special notes! And I got my fair share this weekend! It’s thoughtful people like YOU that make us feel loved and supported! It justifies why we do what we do!!

Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market: The Supporters

And then…

There’s Bill.

If you came to the Junk Market, you saw him. He was running around all day doing three things at once. Shooting video. Taking pictures. Loading cars. Running the register. Emptying trash. Restarting Music. Moving Barricades. Need I go on?? He is my rock. He is there when no one else is. He knows me and the ups and downs of planning an event of this size like no one else. He supports me. He fuels me. He keeps me going. And one day… because I know it will happen… when he is able to work Rusted Roots full-time, We. Will. Be. Unstoppable.

Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market

So, when we look back on Rusted Roots first ever Junk Market, know that didn’t do this alone!! It was because of all of YOU that the Rusted Roots Junk Market was such a success!! Each. And. Every. One. Of. You. And for that I will forever be grateful!! FOREVER!

Wanna see more pics from the market… no worries!! I’ll have another post soon called Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market: The Junk and I’ll share loads of junktastic pictures of the goods at the market!! But for now, I just want to say…


Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Candace and Bill, it was great! thanks again – you are giving many vendors their first shot at the show-go-round, and we appreciate all y’all so much!

    • Thank you, Lulu!! It was great having you and we look forward to you being a part of the market in June!! 🙂

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