Rusted Roots Summer Junk Market

I wanted to dunk my head in the cooler sooooo bad!! Every time I opened it offering up a bottled water to our sweaty, but oh-so-dedicated vendors. Every time my fingers would swim through the melted ice in search of a bottle. Every time I would shake the ‘wet’ off a bottle and a few drops would hit my legs! Because YES! It was THAT hot!!!!Β But we did it!! We survived Rusted Roots Summer Junk Market and not only did we survive it, but we knocked it out of the park!!


I have to start by thanking everyone who helped make the market such a success… ourΒ vendors, the country artists who performed, the food trucks who brought some rockin’ grub, my family and friends who worked tirelessly to keep people happy and hunting… and last but certainly not least, all of YOU, who came out and shopped ’til you dropped! Junk hunters from Florida to Virginia and beyond stuffin’ their cars and trucks to the brim! It was a blast!!


I honestly couldn’t believe how much the market grew since just three months ago…


So, let’s take a peak around the Junk Market, shall we?!!! I wish we had the live music to fill the air as we peruse these pics but alas, we will have to simply reminisce….





The stuff that our vendors create from old wood and old junk… it truly is inspiring!! I overheard so many conversations, people saying, “oh, I’ve got that at home”… “oh, that’s what I can do with that old wheel”… and you know what, that’s what Rusted Roots is all about! Sure, we are there to sell!! Sure, we are there to make a living!! But we are also there to inspire people to use what they have to create beauty in their lives and their homes.




But, y’all know a Junk Market of this size doesn’t happen over night!! In fact, we are already HARD at work prepping for our Fall Junk Market, September 19-20 and boy oh boy, do we have some super fun surprises in store!! Seriously, y’all!! We’ve got some rockin’ special guest exhibitors lined up, demonstrations, and I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’, there may be HORSES!!! No promises. But y’all.. I’ve got some crazy fun ideas!!


Coming back for our Fall Junk Market… The Elliott Michael Smith Band. Y’all, he and his guys are just so talented.


And Katie Basden will be back and she’s bringing a super special guest to sing alongside her!! All the way from Nashville!! Y’all this is exciting… we’ll be sharing the news on that one soon!!!


Fire Chef will be back… did y’all get some ‘fire in your belly’?!! Their grilled cheese sammies are bangin’!!! And giving out the fire helmets to the kiddos just adds to the fun!!


And Two Roosters Ice Cream will be back too, with their sweet camper and truck!! I’m with this little lady… the lucky charms ice cream was crazy good!! I’ll be chasing down that cute little camper before the Fall to get me another scoop!!


The market was just chock full of sweet families and kiddos!! We just love meeting everyone. The Kirby family was among them, taking home Big Boy Blue


It seemed every time I turned around, people were carting goodies to their cars and coming back for more! I think we’ll be looking for some ‘junk hunks’ to help us out this Fall!!


All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the success of Rusted Roots Junk Market!! To hear people reminisce over the history of the Daniel Boone Village and how happy they are to see it back to life, it warms my heart! They say luck is where hard work and preparation meet opportunity… I am lucky to have the opportunity to host this Junk Market at Rusted Roots.


And am even luckier for the support that we have seen from the community and beyond in making the Rusted Roots Junk Market an event worth travelling hundreds of miles for!!


For that, I say THANK YOU!! And we’ll see you this Fall!!!


Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. From one of the vendors that just loves Rusted Roots and the venue for this incredible show…Thank you to Candace, Bill & the family. Candace always has a huge smile on her beautiful face… no matter if she is hot, I mean SWEATING HOT, being pulled in 200 directions or trying to get 50+ vendors all in the right spot where they are supposed to be. There is just something amazing about Candace and I want to say “thank you”…see ya for the Fall Junk Show……… Huge Hugs to you!

    • Candace says:

      Thank you, Miss Daryl!! That means a lot!! In the most humblest way, I do admit that A TON of work goes into planning an event like this… and it is so appreciated to be appreciated!! I do it because I LOVE IT!!! It embraces everything that I am passionate about. Perhaps that’s why the smile is always there!! It’s a blessing to be able to work with so many wonderful people along this journey! πŸ™‚

  2. Ray and Hilda Hicks/Poorhouse Antiques says:

    We came down from Rustburg VA to see what the show was all about.. Loved the atmosphere, the dealers were so friendly. Found a couple of great things and was amazed at all the great ideas we saw ! Hopefully we will be able to return in the fall and if we can work it into our schedule become part of the show !!

    • Candace says:

      RUST-burg in the houuuuse!!! Y’all know I love the name of your sweet little town!! And have the t-shirt to prove it!! Ha ha!! I am humbled that y’all would take time out of your weekend to drive all the way from Virginia to shop the Junk Market! It was an honor meeting you both and I look forward to seeing you again real soon!! Y’all just let me know when you want to bring some junk to sell!!! πŸ™‚

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