One Tee, Two Tee, Red Tee, Blue Tee

Decisions. Decisions. That’s what I’ve found myself faced with most over the last couple of weeks. And after a heart to heart with my mom over the weekend, she made me realize I have GOT to start making some decisions, if this shop is going to be ready to open in a few weeks!!! Eeeek! One of those decisions is tee shirts!!! If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you saw the sneak peak of the new tee shirt design for the shop! It’s a first round draft that we sent to print, so we could see what the logo would look like as well as several color choices!!

Rusted Roots Tee Shirts #RustedRoots

As for color, I thought I wanted to stick with the more rustic fall colors since it is that time of year. So, I chose burgundy, forest green, khaki, etc. But after receiving them, while I love the colors and the quality. I am wondering if brighter colors may be better year round?!! Like turquoise, pink, purple, etc. What do you think???

Junk Shop Tee Shirts #RustedRoots

I do like having some of the neutrals!! I am especially smitten over the gray and the navy. Good classic colors… hmmmm… and I’m also designing some other shirts that I hope to have in the shop for the Grand Opening!!! If they don’t make it for the big ribbon cutting (Oh, yes! There will be a ribbon cutting!!) then I will for sure have them in the shop in time for Christmas!! The perfect gift for the junk lover on your list!!!

So while I tinker with some other designs… what colors do YOU like?? Any of these?? Or are there others that you like??

Rusted Roots Colored Tees #RustedRoots

Oh!!! And another BIG DECISION I plan to tackle this week!! When will the shop open!???? I hate announcing a date. What if I’m not finished?? What if it’s not the way I want it?? Acccck!!! But you know what, just like the tees, I have to pull the trigger and make some big decisions this week!! So, stick with me for the big announcement later this week!!! Woooooohoooo!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Always need black too… Just my two cents worth .. I am so thrilled for you as you make your dreams come true.. The last several months , I have contemplated my future .. Do I want to spend the next 25 years doing what I do .. I love my job, but not what it has become …thank you for pursuing your dream and inspiring others to consider the possibilities ..

  2. I like the gray and navy best too. What about a golden yellow?

  3. gayle daniel says:

    I personally like the neutrals and more muted colors..when I think of your name Rusted Roots I think of something older and faded….but likely both would appeal to a variety of customers.

  4. I like purple and I think and aqua color would be nice as well…. Like Gayle mentioned, maybe a rusty color or faded/worn look, but NOT orange.

  5. I vote for red – only because I am a Marine Mom and we wear R.E.D. on Fridays to Remember Everyone Deployed.

  6. I like grey, burgundy, and navy–and the dark green. Good luck with your decisions!!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Navy. I don’t like the idea of the bright colors like pink or aqua. Miss Mustard Seed has gray so you don’t want to compete.

  8. How about a RUST color to go with Rusted Roots? Maybe a faded brown? Probably adding stress more than helping. Don’t worry, you’ll make the right choices.

  9. Jo Ann Miller says:

    Why not RUST color?

  10. Gray for me! And will that ribbon be burlap or a rusty chain????

  11. Navy is classic, grey/khaki are neutral and red/burgundy are fun….classic, neutral and fun! Would be fun if all of them had a washed out look.

  12. I vote for navy, but that might be too safe! I like the idea Mary came up with for them to have a washed-out look – no matter what color you choose. And, you must choose. I wish you the best of luck!

  13. I like gray, navy & burgundy the best! Or how about the teal-y color in your logo?
    I have full faith that you will get the shop ready in time, whenever that grand opening date will be. Or maybe think of it this way… half the fun in re-visiting shops is seeing what’s new or how things are displayed differently… so it could be “not done” on purpose! 😉

  14. I like them all, but I think white shirts would be the one I’d buy to wear. keep up the good work.

  15. Nicole Sewell says:

    Good luck with the shop opening. I’m following you all the way from England. Will you be shipping smaller items overseas?

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