The BIG Annoucement: Raleigh Rusted Routes Adventure

The time is here!! The announcement of our FIRST EVER Rusted Routes Junk Adventure!! Well, not our first junk adventure… but the first one where we invite YOU!! So, many of you loved tagging along virtually on our 127 Yard Sale Adventure, that we thought, hey, why don’t we take our fellow junkies on our next adventure!! Sooo, mark your calendars! Thursday, September 18, 2014… junkers unite for a fun-filled day of junkin’!!

Rusted Roots Raleigh Junk Adventure #RustedRoutes

I spent this past weekend finalizing all of the details for our day ‘o fun!! And I am stoked!! Whew.. where do I start?? Okay, first things first… if you have not signed up to join us on the adventure, go to Facebook, and leave your email address on the first post at the top of the page. You’ll see it!! I will be sending an email to all of those signed up about the specific meeting place, etc. So sign up now if you wanna come!!

Okay… so this little adventure will start Thursday morning where else, but a Starbucks!! Now, I’m not a coffee gal, but this junk adventure is about YOU!! And I know how you gals are with your pumpkin lattes!! So, we can grab a cup ‘o joe or a breakfast pastry and then hit the road for a short drive about an hour away!! Our feature destination and our first stop: Medleyanna’s!!

Medleyanna's Junk Store #RustedRoutes

This “cute little junk store” has been a long time favorite of mine!! Harriet, the owner, is such a doll! And guess what, she is opening the shop early JUST FOR US!! It’s like a private shopping event, we can pick ’til our hearts content!! And if that weren’t enough, she’s got a junkie goodie for each of you who come!! Say what?? I LOVE a good surprise!!

NC Junk Adventure #RustedRoutes

Medleyanna’s is nestled by the only stoplight in the small town of West End. Harriet gets 9-10 loads of fresh junk every week!! Do you hear me?? 9-10 loads!! Not to mention she is always having a killer sale!! She’s got her main shop packed to the rim with fun junk and another two story house out back filled as well!! There’s junk in the yard, junk on the building, junk as far as the eye can see!!

Fun Junk for the Garden #RustedRoutes

There will be so much eye candy!! Bring your camera!! Or your phone!! Hashtag your fun pics with #RustedRoutes and you may be featured on the blog following the adventure, so show off your finds!!

Cobalt Blue Bottle Tree #RustedRoutes

So, with all that junkin’ our bellies are sure to be rumblin’! Lunch will be an adventure as well as we take a step back in time to the Dewberry Deli and Soda Fountain Shop! With burgers and sandwiches, soups, and salads… there’s sure to be something you’ll love!! And for dessert? How about a malted milkshake?? Like the ‘ol days!!

Old Soda Fountain Shop #RustedRoutes

Don’t get brainfreeze… maybe you should bring the shake with you, because now, we are going to hit the 8 or 9 shops that line Carthage Street in the small town of Cameron! Now, if you are an antiques enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Cameron, best known for their twice a year, Antiques Fairs. Thousands come from all over the country!! It’s fun! But it’s also nice to see the town and the shops without all the hubub!

And someone else who is making special accomidations for our Rusted Routes junkers is Miss Ann from Bless Your Heart! She is opening her shop JUST FOR US as well!! And her little shop is so stinkin’ cute!! I scored a whole stash of old wooden spoons from her… just a quarter a piece!!

Antiques in Cameron, NC #RustedRoutes

Now, I know we will be covering a lot of ground on this adventure, but we won’t be rushed at all!! I did the entire adventure myself this past weekend to map it all out and was back home around 6pm. I’ll have an itinerary for those coming along, so you’ll have an idea before we head out of when you’ll be home! And keep your eyes peeled while you’re on the adventure.. there will be a Scavenger Junk Hunt!! Oh yeeeeah!!!

Old Merita Bread Sign Door #RustedRoutes

I took lots ‘o pictures this past weekend of some fun junk for you to find!! I’ll pass them out that morning! If you wanna play, great!! If you’d rather junk without the game, that’s fine too!! It’s your day!! I’m here to help you find what you are looking for!!

We’ll hit a couple historic spots along the way.. like this old jail in Cameron! Built in the 1880’s, it still has the original wooden cell inside! And a fun photo opp too!!

The Historic Old Cameron Jail #RustedRoutes

Chances are after our day ‘o junkin’, you’re gonna be beat!! Lucky for us, Medleyanna’s has us covered with this flower bed!! Ha ha!!

Rusty Iron Bed Upcycle {Garden Flowers} #RustedRoutes

I tell ya, this is going to be one fun adventure! I have some other surpises up my sleeve!! But those will be special for the junkies who come along!! So, you wanna come?? Great!!! We’d love to have you!! But we do need an accurate headcount by the 15th!! So, head over to Facebook, leave your email address on the top post!! And confirm by the 15th if you’ll be there!! Want to bookmark this post, so you can reference it later?? You can pin the image below or share it on Facebook to save it to your timeline!!

Monthly Junk Adventures Across the Country #RustedRoutes

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Candace, this is seriously THE COOLEST idea ever! I wish I was closer so I could join ya!

    • Oh, man, Emily!! I wish you were closer too!! How fun would that be?!!! Maybe our Rusted Route will lead us up your way soon!!! I love me some Ohio junk!!

  2. Very nice picture’s keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Candace!
    I found your blog by checking out your pic of the adorable tiny bed on Pinterest & ended up spending several HOURS going thru all your adventures & pics. I especially loved day 1 of your 127 story, I live about 8-10 miles from Hamilton/Fairfield. And it’s hard to believe I have never gone to the sale!!!
    My sister lives in Fayetteville, NC & several years ago me & a friend took a trip to visit her & to go junking. One of our stops was Cameron! It’s a pretty little town, we really enjoyed it. I had decided on this junking adventure I would take pics of every old white church we saw. I was able to add several from Cameron.
    I have signed up for emails & I am following you on FB & Pinterest. I have a business page on FB as well, it’s threadsnstuff, if you have the time stop by & say hi!

    • Heeeey Melodie!! So glad you found me!! I hope I didn’t keep you from doing anthing too important! Ha ha!! I’m glad you had fun hopping through the site. It’s chock full of fun times! I like it just as much as you… it’s a fun way to look back at the places we have been and the people we have met!! I bet your collection of old white church photos is beautuful! What a neat way to capture different places you visit!! I LOVE it!! Maybe one of these days you will come visit your sis and ya’ll can stop by one of our shows!! Would love to meet you!! XOXO Candace

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