Rusty ‘Ol License Plate Door

Just the other day when Mom and I were stamping bags for the shop, let’s just say I made a little mess on her kitchen table with the bottle of black ink. Ooooopsie. Mom, being the patient woman she has always been, just kinda smiled and said, “Candace, you and your projects. Just like when you were this tall (raising her hand to her waist). Always makin’ a mess.” Ha ha! We laughed as we wiped up the puddle of black ink. No harm. It came right up!

Hand Stamped Shop Bags #RustedRoots

Funny how things come full circle… after all that my mom taught me as a little girl, it was time I paid her back and taught her  how to do something… use a power tool!!! Oh, boy! It was fun!! Remember this shot of the shop, when I showed off the barn wood walls? Well, all I see is that bright white door blaring like the headlight of a motorcycle on a dark country road. We had to do something to rust it up a bit!!

Barn Wood and Tin Walls #RustedRoots

I brainstormed on what I could use and came across a stash of rusty ‘ol license plates I had been hoarding for just the right project. I think this is it! I measured the door and the license plates. It was perfect. The door was 24 inches wide, the exact same width as two license plates. But I knew I didn’t want two license plates going straight down the door in two columns, that’s boring! I wanted it to look more pieced together. So I pulled them all out and did a little math!

License Plates DIY Project #RustedRoots

After a little figuring… I had it. Here’s what I did. I decided to do a row of two whole license plates. Then I would chop a license plate in half and put two halves with the whole to make two wholes, make sense? And I did the same by cutting at the 1/4 mark and so on. So it all looked mismatched and pieced together but really there was a pattern to it! I used my handy tin snips to cut the plates.

How to Cut Old License Plates #RustedRoots

But that’s where the work stopped for me! I give all the DIY props for this awesomeness to my Mom!! I think it’s safe to say I masterminded the project. Yes, that’s a word. <wink> And Mom carried it out! It’s one of those ‘other’ work days that doesn’t get documented on the blog. My parents have put in quite a few of those days over the past few weeks! It takes a village!

Upcycled Old License Plate Door #RustedRoots

It took Mom no time to get the pattern down… and she was on a roll!! Hammerin’ those plates up and movin’ on down the door. After about a third of the door was complete, we noticed that as she would hammer in a plate, the plates at the top were coming loose. Shoot. The nails weren’t holding. Time for Plan B. And power tools!! I broke out the drill and showed Mom how to swap out the bit, and use that to screw the plates in place. It took her a few tries, but once she got it, she was on a roll with that too!! This was her… I’m-not-sure-about-this-face.

How to Build a License Plate Door #RustedRoots

I moved on to help with the burlap and the next thing I know, Mom says “Oww!!” I go over… and she’s got blood dripping down her thumb! Seriously? What happened? I turn my back for one minute. Ha ha!!! She says she got too confident and was whizzing through the plates when the drill slipped and a screw caught her thumb. It wasn’t too bad once we got it cleaned up. With no band-aids around, I whipped up a little DIY. An antiseptic wipe, a paper towel, and some packing tape. Yup! It did the trick!!

Thumbs Up! #RustedRoots

And just like any real trooper, she kept going until it was done!! She decided to replace the one New York tag at the top of the door with a NC tag dated 1981, the year I was born!! It’s those small touches that only a Mom would do!! And now, every time I look at that door, I will remember the fun we had that night. Battle scars and all!!

DIY License Plate Door #RustedRoots

P.S. Remember the wee little ink spill on the kitchen table?? We all make our messes!! Ha ha!! I get it honest!! Love you, Mom!! This little dream wouldn’t be possible without you!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. love the door idea. very creative. just to let you know candace ive been a self employed carpenter my entire life i retired 3 years ago. no more 3 story strip roof jobs for me. lol. still do side work. ive also been a harley rider since i was 14 years old. now 69. iam on face book under retired and recycled. i take various vintage items and make harley items from them. vintage drive in speakers converted into night lights lamps made from a thermos. saws into clocks ect. also iam the one that told you your handles were brass not copper. lol just wanted to tell you how creative i think you are and good luck with your new shop. dan.

    • Nice to meet you, Dan!! And congrats on your retirement (Three years later!!) Ha ha!! Sounds like we are of kindred spirit with the upcycled junk and all! Thank you for the well wishes! Maybe you will be able to visit the shop one day!! 🙂

  2. I love everything that you do..I wish you great success, I only wish that I lived closer because I would be your number one love love it.

    • You are sweet, Ginette!!! I wish you lived closer too!!! Maybe you can make a vacation out of it one day! Ha ha!! NC really is a beautiful place! 🙂

  3. Isn’t your mom the cutest? Do make sure her tetanus shot is up to date — I’m guessing this won’t be the last injury and with all that rust around (which is a GOOD thing), we don’t want her down for the count!

    • Awwww. Thanks, Sharon!! And yes, all of my Rusted Roots helpers are up to date on tetanus!! Ha ha!! It’s a prerequisite!! Wish you were closer so you could stop by the shop one day!! Keep in touch!! 🙂

  4. Andrea D. says:

    That door’s the perfect added touch for your space. How cool is that that you have a license plate from the state and year you were born. You are so creative/crafty/resourceful. I can’t wait until your store opens.

  5. Mary Nell Snoddy says:

    Love the door! Do one for me, PLEASE!!!?!?!???

    • Ha ha!! Now, that’s a tall order, Mary!! It was really fun to see it go up and it looks great in the shop! Just the right touch of rust! 🙂

  6. trying to find your location for a road trip tomorrow…HOW? Can you call with directions or ideas of what we can come see Fri, tomorrow?!?! 336-202-8546…THANKS!

    • Hey Trish! Our Grand Opening is Saturday, November 1st!! The address is 135 Daniel Boone Street in Hillborough. It is in the Daniel Boone Village right off of I-85! Hope to see you at the Grand Opening!!!

      • Thx for the reply… I did see ya’ll were Grand Opening…YAY! I can’t make it cause we have 250 girls coming to our range in Summerfield, lol!!! But seriously, We were thinking of coming to Burl tomorrow and wondered if you have a place still up and visitable till we can get back later? Or is it not worth seeing till after nov 1st? THANKS!

        • Trish, unfortunately, I am moving out of the booth that I had in Burlington and bringing everything to the shop in Hillsborough. We started that process today, so there really isn’t much left at the Burlington location. Have fun with the girls!! Sounds like a lot of fun! Hopefully to can make it to the shop when things calm down!! Would love to meet you!! 🙂

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