Rusty Ol’ Mailbox at the Barn Shop

I guess you could say we broke ground on the new barn shop today! While the ol’ barn was built years ago, there are a few things that we need to do to get it ready for all of you!! As you know, work on the new parking lot will begin soon. In the mean time, there are some smaller projects that we can handle on our own!!

Breaking Ground on the New Rusted Roots, Mebane, NC #RustedRoots

One of the first things we needed to do was to put up a mailbox for the new shop. We considered going to the hardware store and getting the standard wooden base and a black metal mailbox. But then Bill surprised me!! We had an old rusty mailbox that didn’t sell at our Hillsborough shop. While I was inside working on the computer, Bill dug the old mailbox out of storage and scoured the woods for a ‘post’.

Upcycled DIY Rusty Mailbox, Rusted Roots, Mebane, NC #RustedRoots

He found the perfect post. And old tree trunk that had branches sticking out just perfectly to hold the old mailbox. So he started digging…

Upcycled DIY Rusty Mailbox, Rusted Roots, Mebane, NC #RustedRoots

Funny thing is. We don’t have post hole diggers. Imagine that? Bill was having at it with his shovel and struggling to get the hole deep enough. That’s when a neighbor from down the way happened to drive by and saw what Bill was working on. After he got home, he walked back up the street with a couple of tools and a post hole digger. I LOVE the country life! He said he put up the fence at his house using those tools and thought they could help Bill.

Upcycled DIY Rusty Mailbox, Rusted Roots, Mebane, NC #RustedRoots

It didn’t take long for Bill to knock it out once he had the proper tools. And just like that Rusted Roots Mebane is official! Mailbox and all! It’s the small things in life. Our big Grand Opening is Friday, April 21, 2017. Address and times coming soon! And in case you missed it, we’ve got a limited number of invites left to our Private Preview Party before the Grand Opening, as well as early entry tokens for the BIG DAY!! You can get those as well as other exclusive Rusted Roots merchandise HERE!

Upcycled DIY Rusty Mailbox, Rusted Roots, Mebane, NC #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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