Mystery Adventure Revealed… Meet Derby!!!

Days after the World’s Largest Yard Sale is over, the tents are down, the yard sale signs packed away, we were loading up to head back to Kentucky! We deemed it our Mystery Adventure (for fear that it may not work out) and many of you came along on Facebook and Instagram… guessing what in the world we could be making the seven hour trip for!?!

Welcome to Tennessee #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

And boy were y’alls guesses entertaining…

After posting this picture, many of you guessed an old anchor. I can see that!! Even a swing, many of you guessed that as well!! But I couldn’t help but giggle when Miss Gloria guessed a children’s merry-go-round! Now wouldn’t that be an awesome find!!

From there the guesses were crazy fun… a small ferris wheel, a covered wagon, an old shack, a horse cart, a scale, a tractor, my very own drawbridge!! An old train trolley car, barn wood, a sled,  a cattle rack!! I was so entertained!!

It wasn’t until we shared this picture that many of you started guessing that it had something to do with an old truck… and you were right!!! Meet Derby!!!

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

She’s still not a driveable truck… we’ll get there one day!! Ha ha!! But she’s a step up from our ’49 Chevy!! At least this gal rolls!! And roll she did. All the way back to North Carolina!! So, let me tell you how it all went down… oh, and share our impromptu photo shoot in a beautiful Kentucky field!!

It was Saturday morning of the Highway 127 Yard Sale, we stayed the night in Kentucky and were determined to get to Tennessee before the sales began!! Windows were down but blinders were on!! We had decided we absolutely COULD NOT stop at any more yard sales or we would never make it to Tennessee!! Then this…

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

Perched on a hill neighboring a small sale, was this little beauty adorned with that bright orange ‘for sale’ sign! We knew it would be out of our price range. I mean look at her! But we whipped the van around to see if we could get a price? It was quite early… 7am to be exact. And all of the yard sale tables were still covered. But there was one early bird, uncovering his tables and setting up, so we asked the inevitable questions… how much?? We were bummed to hear that it was not his, and we would need to talk to the owner if we were interested. <insert sad face>

The guy had his number and told us we could call if we want. I asked if he thought the owner would be awake at 7am? He said he wasn’t sure, but I could try. So, I did. And no answer. I asked if he would mind calling and it was then that he informed me that we were in the Central Time Zone and it was actually only 6am!!! Uh oh. I’m sure that 6am wake-up call did not put me on the ‘happy’ list!! But I was determined to take this beauty home!!

We had no choice after an hour of waiting around, to get back on the road and hope for the best. I left my name and number and hoped that the owner would call me before someone else snagged her!! About two hours later… we got the call!!

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

We knew we would have to come back to pick her up, and weren’t really sure if the owner would go for that with no cash in hand! I offered to send money via PayPal, and told him we could come back on Wednesday. He said absolutely not. He would go pick it up, take it to his house, and we could pay when we pick it up on Wednesday. Hmm. Sounded to good to be true!! Would he really do that for me??

I thanked him. And told him that I would be in touch when we were headed back his way. Hung up the phone. And crossed my fingers! I think I kept them crossed for three days until we could hit the road to head back to Kentucky!

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

It took us seven hours to get there. I spoke to the owner once on the way and he assured me that it was at his house waiting for us. I was getting more and more excited!! But still didn’t want to tell anyone, not even my Mom!! I didn’t want to jinks it! It was one of the most beautiful drives, blue skies, white puffy clouds, and a cool breeze. It honestly seemed like something out of a dream.

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

About an hour out, I called the owner’s wife to let her know how close we were. She was super sweet and told us it was waitin’ for us. Okay. So, now I was getting reaallllly excited!! We closely followed their directions, through the countryside of Russell Springs, Kentucky. As we turned onto their road, my heart started beating faster. Down their gravel driveway… and there she was!!

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

I couln’t believe it! There ARE good people in this world!! People that take you at your word and trust that you will do what you say!! This sweet couple took a chance on us, pulling the trailer from the 127 on what was possibly the busiest day of the sale, on the chance that we would travel all the way back from NC to pick her up, and we did!!

It was bitter sweet for the owner’s wife. She had been wanting a trailer like this for quite some time. When her husband found it for her, she was so excited!! Soon after she actually found, I believe she said, her grandfather’s old handmade trailer out in a barn! It looked just like this one, but blue! So she decided she wanted that one instead. While she was ready to part with her, I do believe it was hard for her. I won’t say her name, but friend, your baby is in good hands!! As the emotions started to mount, I couldn’t bare to ask her to take a bunch of pictures for us. So, we snapped this one, and then pulled her out for the adventure home.

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

As I turned back to wave goodbye, I watched as the owner’s wife watched us pull away. I know it was hard for her. But we have great plans for this doll!! And she will be loved on so much!! As we started the ride home, I told the hubs it’d be nice if we could get some good pictures of her, here in Kentucky! As fate would have it, we passed a beautiful field with a convenient place to pull off. So, we did! And the photo shoot ensued…

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

Driving home, I told hubs that I had been contemplating a name for her. Being that she is a Dodge, I was thinking ‘Dixie the Dodge’ or ‘Darby the Dodge’. But neither quite had the ring that I wanted. Then he suggested, instead of Darby, what about Derby since she’s from Kentucky?!! And ‘Derby’ stuck!!

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

Isn’t sheeeee lovelieeeeee??? Isn’t sheeeee wondeerrrrful?? Ha ha!! Tell me you sang that with me?? She wants to be a real truck so bad… look at her cuddling up to the edge of the picture so you can hardly tell her front end is missing…

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure
For now, Derby will do!! And hopefully one day our Road to Finding a Rusty Truck will turn up one that we can actually drive!! But until then, we are so over the moon with our new girl! We have big plans for her! If you are planning to come to Rusted Roots Fall Junk Market, September 19-20, you will see her front and center in all her glory!! In the mean time, here’s to Derby the Dodge and the many adventure we will take together!! And here’s to all of you who rode along on our Mystery Adventure!! Maybe we’ll do it again one day!!

Journey to Find a Rusty Old Truck Trailer #RustedRoots #MysteryAdventure

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Sheri Chaney says:

    A truck trailer, that is so perfect for you. Congratulations!

    • Oh, thank you, Sheri!! I am over the moon excited about her!! I can’t wait to dress her up for the Fall Junk Market!! I’m sure y’all will be seeing alot of little Miss Derby!! Yay!!!

  2. Fonda Rush says:

    I certainly hope you stopped at some more flea markets and antique stores on the way home! You certainly had something to haul half a barn in if you found one! Happy for you! Enjoy!

    • Ha ha!!! I wish we could have loaded up a haul ‘o junk on our way back, Fonda, but we maxxed out at the 127 Yard Sale!! Ha ha!! There will be many a junk adventure in Miss Derby’s future!! I hope you’ll be here to tag along!!

  3. What a fantastic find! I love old trucks and the fact that somebody made a trailer out of part of one just blows my mind! I wish I had found you on Instagram earlier! I am now following hour blog and facebook and Instagram, did I forget Pinterest? I’ll have to go check. Just finished reading the four-day saga from last year’s 127 yard sale – what fun! I have wanted to go to that forever! I’ll make it one day! It looks like so much fun and so much great junk! My husband and I are thinking of moving to NC or SC in the near future. A whole new location for junking! Take care and I’ll be reading! Hugs, Leena

    • Yay, Leena!!! So glad you found us!! Any lover of old trucks is a friend of mine! Ha ha! Thank you so much for the follow love on Facebook and Instagram!! And yes, we are on Pinterest too!! I’m glad you enjoyed the adventure from last year. I am hoping to get this year’s trip written up soon!! It was a blast as well!! Let us know if you move to NC soon!! We’d love to meet you at one of our Junk Markets!! Happy Tuesday friend!! 🙂

  4. She’s a cutie! I can’t wait to see what you do with her. Congratulations, she’s in amazing hands now, being used and shown off like she should be! xo

    • Oh, thank you Laurie!! We are so excited about her!! We went the other day to buy locks for her! I felt like I was picking our her first day of school outfit! Ha ha!! So happy to hear from you here on the blog!! Keep in touch, friend!!

  5. nancy roemer says:

    The Fresh and The Fresh Farm Sale Girls say CONGRATS on the newest addition to the Rusted Roots Family! She’s AWESOME and we are SO happy for you. Can’t wait to meet her in person at The Junk Show in September!

  6. So excited for you. What an amazing find!! 🙂

  7. Oh My Lanta! I see a truck bed filled with hay, scarecrows, pumpkins and fall colored mums waiting to happen with an absolutely gorgeous rusty junk sign right in the heart of things! Love her!! Congrats on your new “baby”…

    • You are speaking my language, Miss Liz!!! I can’t wait to dress her up for Fall!! She’s pretty AND functional!! Looking forward to the day you can make it back to NC for a visit! You take care!! XOXO

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