Free Barn Wood from the Man Upstairs

It was 10:45 on a Thursday night. We were hot, sweaty, and had been working at the shop, already, for over 14 hours. We skipped supper. Our bellies were growling. All we wanted to do was go home, take a hot shower, and have a nice cold bowl of cereal. Yeah, that’s how we roll. A cold bowl of cereal! Yum!! Something told me on the drive home to check my phone and Craigslist. Y’all… I could not believe my eyes. This is what I saw… barn wood and rusty tin sent from heaven.


Old Barn Wood Free! #RustedRoots


From heaven, you ask? Yes. Let me explain. When I decided to open my new shop, Rusted Roots, I knew the shop had to have rusty walls. That rust would come in the form of a rusty tin roof. I had hoped to salvage the tin roof from MawMaw’s old house. But alas, that was going to cost me almost $500. The roof was steep. And the hubs and I simply couldn’t do the work on our own. I eventually caved and hired a crew to come remove the tin roof. On the day we were supposed to salvage the roof, it rained! Like pouring down rain! Aint nobody gonna climb on a rusty tin roof in the rain. Talk about dangerous! So we had to put off salvaging the roof.

Rusty Metal Tin Roofing #RustedRoots

One week later we were scheduled to again salvage the tin roof from MawMaw’s house. However that effort fell through as well! And then I begin to think, perhaps, $500 was simply too much to pay for a tin roof anyway! Especially since the house is still in our family. As a DIYer, I have a hard time paying for manual labor. That’s when I began the search for other rusty tin roof pieces. I went to my old faithful, the ReUse Warehouse, where Rick always does me a solid! I was so excited to learn that he was deconstructing a 1901 schoolhouse nearby. On the roof, rusty tin! He worked out a deal with me where the hubs and I could come salvage the tin, nails and all for a good deal! I don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease to save a penny. Or in this case several pennies! I was stoked!


On the day we were supposed to pick up the rusty tin I got a call from Rick that it had not been removed from the school house yet. I was a little bummed. But I knew he would get it done as soon as possible. So I wasn’t too worried. Later that day I found the stairway to Rusty heaven, remember? We drove out into the country to pick up the staircase, and when we did I stumbled across another haven of rusty goodness! That’s where I scored this stash…

Old Rusty Turquoise Drum Barrel #RustedRoots

Also in the stash were several sheets of rusty tin. This man also was going to cut me a great deal on the rusty tin! It wouldn’t be enough to complete the job, but it would cut down on the amount I would need to purchase from Rick. We were headed back the next day to pick up the tin, when I got a call that the person selling the tin had changed their mind. The tin was no longer for sale. I was bummed! Seriously? How many rounds of rusty tin am I going to have to battle in order to cover the walls of my shop?

Free Rusty Tin #RustedRoots

But I wasn’t giving up! That brings us to 10:45 on that Thursday night! We had been working at the shop all day long. We were filthy. We were sweaty. We had not eaten in over eight hours. On our way home when I checked Craigslist, I found the listing for free barn wood and rusty tin! First come. First serve. There was no question, we were on our way! The listing went live at 10:30, and this was only 15 minutes later. I knew we had a good shot, if we could just find it! We didn’t have an address. Only an intersection and a note that said south west of that given intersection. We knew this would be a hunt.

As we drove down the long windy country roads, I began to lose faith that we would ever find where this wood and tin were stashed. After all, it was pitch black and after 11 PM by the time we got there! (All of these pictures were from the next day!!) I imagined trucks pulling up and loading it all in with every turn we took. As we drove around a curve I noticed a small field off to the side of the road, with heaps of something I couldn’t quite make out. We pulled over, broke out our flashlight, and there it was! Mounds and mounds of old barn wood and stacks of rusty tin. I could not believe it! It was, as if, the good man upstairs had gathered everything that I needed to complete the shop, stacked it all neatly on the side of this country road and said here, my dear, it’s yours for the taking! I truly believe it was sent from above.
Free Barn Wood from Old Farmhouse #RustedRoots
The hubs and I suited up in our gloves and started loading in the tin. We knew we couldn’t touch the wood, since some of it had termites and we couldn’t really see well. So we planned to go back the following morning to dig through the wood. It took us a little over an hour to load up the truck with all that would fit, we headed for the shop, and had it unloaded at the shop at 1am! I knew it was crazy… but we left so much behind! And the hubs… well, he’s a good sport! So, at 1:02am, we hit the 24 hour McDonalds drive-thru for 10 chicken nuggets and two large drinks and we headed back out!!

This time, after grabbing all of the tin that was left, (the straight pieces, anyway) I wanted to at least peak at some of the wood. And boy am I glad I did!! Buried beneath a stack of wood were four BEAUTIFUL farmhouse doors!! Heavy as all get out. But in great shape!! We loaded those up and with a truck full, headed back to the shop once again.

We had the truck unloaded by 3am and knew that all that was left was the wood. And we couldn’t do much with that ’til sunrise. So, we headed home. Hit the sack at 4am… and was back out there at 9am. I’m tellin’ ya, we are hardcore!! When we got there Friday morning there were two truck already out there, but still lots to grab!! I jumped in there with the best of them. I tossed the pieces I wanted in a stack and Bill loaded them in the truck! We make a good team!! (Don’t I look bright eyed for only four hours of sleep!! AKA Adrenaline!)

Salvaged Barn Wood #RustedRoots


We got quite the stash of barn wood. Here’s just some of it….

Free Barn Wood #RustedRoots

And even had the energy for a quick impromptu photo shoot with our newly found farmhouse doors… all four of them!!! All for FREE!!!

Turquoise Farmhouse Doors #RustedRoots


A little scrubbin’ and these doors are going to be amazing!!! The colors are quite beautiful in person! And the barn wood is just as amazing… all de-nailed… and ready to go!! Somebody already did all the hard work!! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you know the battle we have been having with tearing apart wooden pallets! Broken hammers, and nails out the wazoo! But we are willing to do the work to get this shop off the ground! And with a very minimal budget! So, when something like this happens to us, I can’t help but think that someone is looking after us! I can’t help but think this barn wood came from the Man upstairs!


Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Fonda Rush says:

    Goof balls! I love it! Best wishes!

  2. Oh my word!! You ARE hard core!!!!!!! G I R L !!!!!!!!! S happy for you! How long did it take you to recover?????? lol

  3. I am sooo jealous, but awesome find!!

  4. My friend! I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG!!!! The shot of you two behind the doors is just adorable! Love you, my friend…. cocoinbonita, your IG friend.

  5. great find. good luck with your shop.

  6. Good job, the both of you….what a great hubby you have…you really pulled an all-nighter.

  7. Jo Ann Miller says:

    I want those doors!! Love the hide and seek doors! Can’t wait to see the store.

  8. You are truly blessed my friend.

  9. Score! I’m totally jealous of the free barn board. I check Craig’s List constantly and never find deals like that!

  10. Good things come to those who wait! (I don’t wait so good 🙂 You certainly are being guided in your life. thrilled for you. Love the doors. Cute picture–how’d you do that!

  11. Marci Ellsworth says:

    Cheap is good, but free is better! I love your enthusiasm and determination!

  12. Becky Scroggin says:

    So cool that God gives us the desires of our heart, even if they’re rusty and old!

  13. Sandra O'Berry says:

    What a great story! What a great find! and What a great husband!
    I can’t wait to visit your old, new store!

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