Saying Goodbye to Hillsborough, NC

The past two weeks have been some of the craziest, busiest days I have EVER seen!! In case you missed the big announcement a couple months back… Rusted Roots is moving to Mebane, NC!! We made the announcement last November and have been making plans for the big move ever since. But no matter how much you prepare, I don’t think you are ever truly ready for such a big move. Physically or emotionally.

The time came last week to say goodbye to Hillsborough and our first little brick and mortar shop. And while we are over the moon excited about how Rusted Roots has grown over the last two and a half years, and where we are headed once we move to the farm… there was a part of our heart that we left in that little shop last week.

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

That little shop in Hillsborough was ‘the little shop that could’. Only I didn’t know that when we opened the doors November 2014. We took a leap of faith and boy did we grow some mighty big wings. Wings that have taken us to places we never could have imagined… and introduced us to some of the nicest people we have ever met!!

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

A big group of those people came to our rescue when we needed it the most. Our little Rusted Roots family can only do so much. And when it came time to break down the shop and pack her up. We knew we needed to reach out to our extended family. And boy did y’all come through!! Not only the folks that showed up on our work day to help out, but the many of you who have sent words of encouragement online here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram. Those words kept us going many days!!

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

I wanted to try to document as much of the break down of our little shop as I could. And when we finally sat down this weekend to look at all of the video from the past couple weeks. It made me smile. While it’s sad to see our little shop be stripped back to the bare walls. In some strange way, joy filled my heart as I watched people who were strangers just a couple years ago, work so so hard for something that they believe in. A shop that they love. People that they trust. They believe in Rusted Roots. And that makes me so beyond happy.

We accomplished so much inside the walls of that little shop in Hillsborough. And ‘outside the walls too’, for that matter! The three Junk Markets we hosted were some of my fondest memories in Hillsborough. And you better believe those memories are strapped right on top the trailer with the rest of what we packed up to move to the farm!

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

We haven’t announced the address of our new shop yet, we are far from being ready for visitors!! But we will keep y’all updated on the entire process. Starting next week when we plan to give you a very first video tour of the barn where our shop will be!! There will be many things you will recongnize at the new shop. The same friendly smiles. The same rusty barn finds. And yes, the same old truck counter!!

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

But there will be A LOT of things that will be all new!! Because, let’s face it, we’re growing!! And we are excited to see where this ‘little shop that could’ takes us!! For those of you who live afar and have been begging us to start selling online. We HEAR you!!! And we are working on it!! TRUST ME!! The best things in life are worth waiting for, right?? And believe me when I say we are working hard, day in and day out to make it all happen!!

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

For now, we are taking a few days to rest. Because we are all at our best when we take care of ourselves. And we have worked oh-so-hard these last few weeks to make the big move. But we absolutely could NOT have done it without all of you and your never ending support. It means more than you know. Really. To have someone, anyone, believe in what you do is AMAZING! But to have a support system of 20,000+ is absolutely unimaginable. I couldn’t be more grateful. So THANK YOU!

I’ll end this post with ‘the last supper’. Pizza on the porch of the old shop in Hillsborough. Funny. Because more than two and a half years ago, it was one of the first meals we had at our new shop. If we only knew then what we know now. Rusted Roots… ‘the little shop that could’… would change our lives forever!!! Thank YOU for being a part of it!

Rusted Roots is Moving to Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Mama Rusted Roots says:

    We are so happy for you both! It is sad to see y’all leaving your first little shop; but no doubt bigger and better things are ahead. There are so many memories there and so many friends made. I cannot wait to see what you do next. I am more proud of you than you will ever know.

    • And YOU, among all people, are one of those people we couldn’t do it without!! You have supported me long before there was a Rusted Roots!! Back when I would set up my little toy cash register in the driveway, hoping someone would come play grocery store. And as an older child, parting with toys at a yard sale, so I could tuck and extra quarter in my fanny pack. You have always been one of my biggest fans and sideline cheerleader!!! I am forever grateful for that!! I love you!!

      • Mama Rusted Roots says:

        I will have to find that picture of you with your cash register when you were about 4 years old. We can have it blown up and hang it in the barn. How cute would that be!!!! People would love to see it ; I know! I love you too!

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