Secret Spots to Find Rusty Metal

SSsshhhhh… this is BIG! Like maybe you should crouch down in the corner of your living room, no scratch that, get in your closet. Keep your voice down… and grab your CB radio (aka walkie talkie)… okay. You ready? <static> I’m letting you in on my secret spot to find rusty metal. Over and out! <static>

Shopping at a Metal Yard

How many times do you meander through the flea market or the booths at your favorite antique mall… you see all this yummy rusty goodness and wonder where do they get this stuff?? Well, I can’t vouch for everyone. And yes, lots of people are just really good pickers! But if you’re like me, your neck of the woods isn’t graced with old barns that you can dig through. So I resorted to what I think is the next best thing… <static> a scrap metal yard!! <static>

Colorful Old Water Spigots

Ya’ll know, I do a lot of architectural salvage. I stumbled across the idea of a metal yard when I was in search of some rusty hooks. Needless to say, I ended up having to make my own, but the adventure landed me at J&D Recyclers, where they let you dig through carefully sift through the old metal that they have on hand! After doing some research, I found that this is actually pretty rare. Metal yards are required to have some sort of special insurance to allow people to dig through their inventory, or at least that’s the case in North Carolina. Perhaps where you live, it may be different!

Rusty Junk at Metal Yard

So, I immediately hit the ‘ol googler and was in search of every metal yard I could find! Sadly, I learned that there just aren’t many that will let you dig through their rusty junk. But if you find one… you’ve nailed a secret spot!! Go often and on a regular basis. The guys and gals will get to know you and what you typically buy! They may even set it aside for you! I hit my metal yard about every other day, it’s less than 5 minutes from my house. So if you’re local, well… I don’t think there’s much that I leave behind. Womp. Womp.

But hey! The good news… many of you are not local!! So, hit the googler and find yourself a metal yard!! You won’t believe some of the stuff I have found there!

Old Rusty Candlestick

I can’t wait to use these rusty old barrel hoops to make a light fixture!! Snagged ’em for a buck a piece!! You see it, right?! Think orb chandalier!

Old Vintage Barrel Hoops

And who can pass up rusty horseshoes?

Lucky Rusty Old Horseshoes

Some of the goodies I find take a lot of imagination, but others… they just pop out at me! Like these! Don’t you think this would make for an awesome industrial style coat rack? I have no idea what they really are.

Where to Find Salvaged Metal

And then sometimes you find goodies that take no imagination at all… like this ‘ol first aid kit! Who knows how old this thing is. And I love that it’s handpainted! I bought it to sell at Pop-Up Sunday. Buuuuuut… I think she found a good hiding place in my house so she may be sticking around these parts for a while!

Antique First Aid Kit Box

 So that’s the BIG secret!! A scrap metal yard… who’d a thunk?!? Now, here’s the challenge. Call around to some metal yards near you! I’m curious if other states allow you to dig through their rusty goodness? Share your finds in the comments below… so we can all get our rusty junk on!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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