Staircase to Rusty Heaven & Other Junk Finds

I have a vision! A clear idea of exactly what I want the new shop to look like! And with that comes a few very specific pieces that I need for display. Between barnwood walls, salvaging wood, and designing tees… I manage to squeeze in a little junk hunting here and there. Last week, I spotted an ad on Craigslist for an industrial rolling ladder. Exactly what I needed!! And it was rusty!!!

Rusty Industrial Ladder #RustedRoots

I knew as soon as we arrived that this was going to be a good stop!! We drove out into the country and were greeted by the kindest man… working out in a field. He knew exactly what we were coming for… he hopped on his tractor and said, follow me!

Follow that Tractor to Rusty Junk! #RustedRoots

 The ladder was about ten feet tall. And, well, that won’t fit in the shop! We had decided that we would remove the handles and that would give us the eight foot ladder that we needed. But we knew it would be a job!! We had intentions of loading the ladder up and taking her to the shop to do the work, but the kind man insisted that we stay there to be sure we could get it off before we bought it. He brought us a bunch of tools and this magic can…

How to Loosen Rusty Bolts and Screws #RustedRoots

I had never seen such a thing. Where have I been?? With all the rust we work with, you can bet this will be added to our tool bag for sure!!! It loosened the rusty screws enough that we were able to remove almost all of them. But with a couple stripped out, we weren’t sure what we would do. Ruh. Roh.

That’s when the kind man came to check on us, his tractor coming down the dirt path. He took a look and decided to tie the ladder to his tractor, carry it up to his workshop, and cut off the remaining screws. He didn’t have to do that! He had already given us a deal on the ladder. But he did! A kind man, indeed!! And wouldn’t you know, the ladder had some actual ‘Rusted Roots’… you see those little flowers??

Industrial Old Ladder #RustedRoots

Once we had the handles off and the ladder loaded up, the man asked if we’d like to take a look around. He had lots of stuff for sale. He offered to give us a tour! He lead us to a field of rusty old cars, and down a path to a couple of buildings, not quite barns, but kinda like barns. They had been used by a man that had recently passed away and they were trying to get rid of a lot of things. There wasn’t much left, but I did snag a few fun things!!

Pickin' Rusty Junk #RustedRoots

Some of it, I’m not quite sure what it is… like that rusty handle-thing. Is it from a lawn mower?? I don’t know. But I new I could make something from it!! We plan to make some tables from the turquoise oil drum!! I actually went back the next day and got the other three that he had! I couldn’t get over that color!! I snagged a couple of rusty tool boxes…

Old Rusty Toolbox #RustedRoots

this GIANT wrench… isn’t it quirky?!!

Big Rusty Wrench #RustedRoots

And an old gas can… this one is lamp bound!!

Old Vintage Gas Can #RustedRoots

It was such a fun stop!! This is how you find those ‘secret’ spots!! Sometimes you just luck up!! People really can be kind! With our truck loaded up, we hit the road for the shop, and wouldn’t you know, we’d pass this beauty…

Old Abandoned House #RustedRoots

One word. So simple. Creating beauty from Rusted Roots.

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. OMG, I’m already envisioning a big ol’ rusty clock! Use the top of the oil drum with the “hole” being 12, cut the wrench at about the 3/5 spot so you’ve got a long (with the wrench end, of course) and a short arm, and you’re off and running! You won’t be the mad hatter with all his watches, but rather the mad ruster!

  2. Jo Ann Miller says:

    I would love to see your shop! I know it will be exciting to have your own place. Just be careful with gas cans and check the drums and make sure that nothing toxic was stored in them. I have to say that I worked for EPA for 20 years and some things I never forget. I really enjoy your blog and feel that your writing is superb! Take care! Hugs from Texas

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