Hold on! Let me grab my bullhorn… okay! On your mark. Get set. GO!

I felt like I needed that… following the start here title! Perhaps, a “junkers start your engines” was in order! Either way, if you are just finding this little junk haven here at Rusted Roots, WELCOME!!

Rusty Old Tractor Seats

I’ll start by saying, if you are a neat freak organizer, scrub the baseboard, wash behind the ears kinda gal (or guy!) then this here blog is probably not for you! Unless you’re contagious! I could use all the help I can get. But, if you are a messy, junky, laundry-basket-full-of-clean-balled-up-clothes-because-you-didn’t-have-time-to-fold-them-because-you-were-carting-in-your-tattered-treasures-you-scored-at-a-yard-sale-leaving-a-dust-trail-on-your-hardwoods-all-the-way-to-the-kitchen-where-you-plop-them-on-the-half-painted-antique-dresser-one-drawer-missing… <deep breath> Then, you and I will get along juuuuust fine!!

Don’t believe me? Oh, just stick around a day or two… or give me your email at the top of the page and I’ll email ya every time proof of the chaos ensues!!

The truth of the matter is… this is OUR place to share all of our rusty junky finds, adventures, upcycles, and more!

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Itching for more dirt on my roots??

You can learn more about yours truly and my major award! (Could it be a leg lamp?)

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Or just head over to the full blog and have yourself a hay day of a good ‘ol time, readin’ through all the rusty junky fun I’ve been up to!!

Rusty Wrenches

Whatever your junk lovin’ heart desires, I do hope you’ll stick around! Chat me up in the comments or on Facebook, and if you like what you see share it!! You’re helping this junk lovin’ gals dreams come true, one rusty wrench at a time!

And whatever you do, always remember…

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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