Taking Time Off… the Struggle is REAL!!

Taking time off. The struggle is real. This post has been a long time coming. Okay, so maybe only about eleven days coming. But it’s definitely something that has been weighing heavy on my heart and needs to be said. A little back story about me, in case you’re new around here… I am an all-in kind ‘a gal! When I want something, I go after it wholeheartedly, putting everything I have on line, leaving nothing behind! Some say that is what has lead to the success of Rusted Roots in such a short time. That being said, you can understand that with the opening of Rusted Roots in 2014, we (the hubs and I) have done NOTHING but Rusted Roots for 15 months straight!

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

And while we have totally enjoyed every moment of what we are building here, other areas of our lives have taken a hit. Our home, our health, our ‘whole’ self. As much as we would like to deny it, we are undoubtedly more than Rusted Roots. Despite all of its JUNKtastic awesomeness!! Ha ha!! But, when you give one thing 150%, it leaves little to spread around to other areas of your life. Last November/December were our two single most profitable months ever! It truly blew us away! With that being said, we laid in bed one night talking about the success of Rusted Roots and this amazing place we have built. And while, we wouldn’t give it up for the world, we do have to make some adjustments if we are going to continue at the pace we are going.

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

That brings us to our goal for 2016… balance! This is where the struggle comes in. The struggle that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. We vowed to take January off to focus on all the areas of our life that have been neglected in an effort to build Rusted Roots. Well, we were only a week in and I was already going CRAZY!!! I mean, I love what I do! And this house cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering, relaxing, blah blah blah is for the birds!! I wanna be digging through barns, gettin’ dirty, finding treasures for you and for me!! So, I was over the moon when we got a call and were invited to come pick an historic farm blanketed with more than a dozen old barns packed to the brim with old junk!!! Aren’t they beautiful??

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

The hubs and I talked it over. I mean, we were supposed to be taking a break. But, in this business, it’s kinda like being on call 24-7. And when someone calls and invites you to such an amazing place, you GO!! We spent all day this past Saturday picking these beautiful barns and found some amazing pieces. Some we will keep. Some we will sell at the shop! That will be determined February 1st when our ‘break’ is over!

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

I share all of this to say, if you are like me and go-go-go, it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to take time off. I’m preaching to the choir here and really just trying to convince myself that it’s okay to continue with this 31 day refresher. We need it, as much as I want to fight it and jump right back in. It’s important to re-evaluate the business, dream up new ideas, and attemppt to catch up other areas of our lives that have fallen a bit behind as Rusted Roots has grown.

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

Sometimes a small step back to relax, rethink things, reevaluate, and dream is all you need to take you and your business to places you could never imagine! With a busy mind, a creative soul, and a go-go attitude, taking a break can be hard, but it’s neccesary! In just one week, we have dreamed up ideas for Rusted Roots that I know wouldn’t have come about in a rush-rush hustle bustle life. It’s the slow down, that allows ideas to thrive!

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

We are so excited to see what’s in store for Rusted Roots in 2016. The sky is the limit! And we are excited to see what happens in all of your lives. Whether it’s a business goal you have, a personal struggle you want to tackle once and for all, a relationship you want to mend, or to simply make you a better you! You can do it! You can do anything! But you can’t do everything. So take a step back. Take a break. Take some time off. You have permission! No one said you have to work 365 days a year to be successful!

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

Balance, the struggle is real! Taking time off, the struggle is real! But both are necessary to thrive and excel in your business and your life! We can’t wait to see you all at the shop in February! Dates to be announced soon!!

Pickin' an Old Historic Farm #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. You folks are AWesome! ~ Love your energy! Good for you to realize that you do need to have some you time! RE evaluate & rejuvinate ~ looking forward to see what greatness you have in store for 2016 ~ Happy New Year! God Bless!

    • Thank you, Diane!!! We are excited about 2016 too!!! I read a quote somewhere that has really stuck with me. It said, ‘a field that has rested yields a bountiful crop’. I think that holds true for all of us as well!! I can’t say that I am laying down taking with rest thing easy. Oh, I am kicking and screaming the whole way!! But I know it is for the best and Rusted Roots will be better for it!! Not to mention, I’ll have clean socks!!!! Ha ha!! 🙂

  2. Kimberly Spangler says:

    Good for you guys! Have a peaceful and blessed respite.

  3. Please send pictures of your “pickins”.

    • Picture will be coming soon, Rusty, as we prep for our upcoming events!!! P.S. Gotta love that name of yours!! Have a great week!!

  4. Take your time, don’t hurry, enjoy your time off and enjoy what you love.

  5. Tammy Riley says:

    I love reading your blogs about as much as I love visiting your shop. With that being said, I have missed visiting your shop due to my foot surgery in November therefore can’t wait to see what you have in-store for us in 2016!!

    • Oh, Tammy, I know!! We have missed your sweet face! I hope your foot is healing quickly and you are up and at ’em!! Happy to see the hubby and daughter swing by on your behalf!! We always love seeing y’all!! We look forward to seeing you soon!! You take care!! 🙂

  6. It’s always best to rest, regroup and recharge before it’s too late sweet lady… protect yourselves so you can continue to do what you love. As my Mom used to say, if you burn that candle at both ends for too long there will be no candle left. I am so glad to hear you are taking a bit of time for you! the excitement and your fans will be here when you’re back and renewed! xo

    • Your Mama is a smart lady! The two ends of our candle were getting pretty close!! Lucky for us, this month is a chance to restock our candles and learn to burn only one end!! Leaving the other end firmly planted in a rusty candle holder here at home!! Ha ha!! Thank you for always being a breath of fresh air in the comments section! I look forward to these little chats we have!! Happy 2016, Laurie!! XOXO

  7. Beautiful post! I believe balance is the key and so hard at the same time. Take care of yourself & your family first.
    Congrats on your success…I hope to visit this year
    Take Care of you

    • Thank you, Jane!! We look forward to seeing you this year!! Sometimes the hardest things to do are the most worth it!! That’s why I continue to plow through this ‘break’ and feed our ‘whole’ self! I’ve always liked the analogy of a ‘bank’. If you never take time to make deposits, ultimately you will go in the negative and have nothing left to withdraw!! I consider this time off a chance to deposit as much as we can into our ‘whole’ self bank!!! I think it’s a good reminder for all of us!! Thank you for your sweet message!! 🙂

  8. you can take time off and stay home when there’s nothing else you “WANT” to do! I say go go go while you’re young and still can………….and then some! just learn to add a little balance with home & you’ll do just fine. I was self employed for 15hrs working 6 days a week (sometimes 7). it was worth it! 🙂
    go for the moon!
    good luck and have fun!
    love love love looking at all your treasures and your pictures <3

    • You read my mind, Brenda!! My soul is rooted in go go go and always has been!! Like I told Miss Jane, I think sometimes I have to take a step back and make a ‘deposit’ in the ‘whole’ me bank! If I don’t take time to do this, ultimately there will be nothing left in the bank to withdraw. And it’s no fun running on empty! I’m so glad that you love the treasures and pictures! We love taking you all along on the journey with us!! We’ll do it again real soon!! 🙂

  9. Time off is always good! It’s funny I read this today because I posted a similar post about changing direction in my own business on my blog today, then I saw your post. Have fun, relax and don’t forget to breathe 🙂 All the best to you!

    • Great minds think alike, Colleen!! Good for you for taking a big leap of faith on redirecting your business!! Sounds like you are already on the path to less stress and more fulfillment! And that’s what it’s all about!! Too bad I’m not closer to Ohio.. I’d be at that MEGA two day sale in a heartbeat!! Ha ha!! Keep in touch!! And enjoy this new season of life!! 🙂

      • Thanks Candace 🙂 I’m in Idaho…so you’d have a bit further to go…would be a fun road trip for you though! I’m still blogging and creating fun things for myself and my home which I am looking forward to doing more of once I recharge a bit. Of course I’ll still be reading your blog and cheering on your many adventures! 🙂

  10. Running a business is not for wimps. You have to take time to readjust your life. I have never come to visit, but love following you and your adventures. I generally take January off UNLESS a barn beckons. Great photography.

    • Ha ha!! I love that, Donna!! Taking January off, UNLESS a barn beckons!! Ha ha!! ‘Cause when those barns beckon, we gotta go right?? It’s in our blood!! Thank you for the compliment on the photography! I do it all with the ‘ol IPhone. We have a fancy camera, but aint nobody got time for that when you hands are full of rusty spider-webby finds!! Thank you for following along!! We appreciate YOU!!

  11. Cheryl Frederick says:

    Congrats on your success for last year and wishing you the best for 2016.
    Love your energy and glad you are taking time to breathe and rejuvenate it.
    And….how lucky to be able to pick a historic farm……I would not have hesitated on that one!
    I am working on the hubs to get me there this year on one of our vacations…..fingers crossed!
    Take care and have fun!

    • That’d be grand, Cheryl!! I know you’ve been a long time follower!! We’d love to meet ya!! Funny that you mention loving my energy… I hear that a lot!! And that’s the very reason for this little break!! I don’t like forcing that energy. It comes natural when life is balanced and we are rested. And that’s how we like it!!! But let’s be honest, you throw me on that farm any ‘ol time and I will be bouncing off the walls!!! It was such a blast!! In fact, we didn’t see it all. So I forsee another visit in our near future!!! Thanks for following along, Cheryl!! We hope to see you in 2016!!

  12. Brenda Scott says:

    I just LOVE your posts…I am so glad to hear that you are taking a little time off. I can relate to your feelings about “down time”…if we go to the beach for a week, I am jumping out of my skin after about three days. Since you love what you do, it probably does not even seem like work, but you do need some down time to refresh yourself and let those creative juices flow.

    I have not yet had the opportunity to visit your shop, but hope to soon.

    Bless you!

    • You are so right, Brenda!! I am the same way!!! I can take a couple days of nothingness but after that, I need to be busy!! And by busy, I mean, doing stuff that I WANT to do!! Not laundry, or cleaning, or resting… but pickin’, diggin’, buildin’, makin’! You know!! Ha ha, the fun stuff!! As much as I hate to admit it, this time off is refreshing in a weird forcing it kinda way! Ha ha!!! 🙂

  13. mary scott says:

    What ‘fun’ to be called to pick these grounds! I think you worked so hard to establish your successful business, you should be flexible with your schedule this year. You’ve earned a good break! Good luck doing what many of us would love – digging & discovering those treasures. But take good care of yourselves!

    • Oh, thank you, Mary!! Although it is not what we strive for, it is nice when hard work is recognized. Some may think we got lucky with our business and in some ways we did, but that luck wouldn’t have happened without all of the hard work and preparations to be ready for it! We love what we do and we love having people like you along for the adventure! Thank you for your sweet message!!

  14. Arms up to the sky – slow, deep breath – let peaceful energy flow back into your body and soul. Enjoy yourselves and I wish you nothing but blue skies and green lights!

    • Oh I love that, Garnet!! Blue skies and green lights!! After a month of slow deep breaths, we feel like we can take on the world!! Thank you for your sweet words! They truly brightened my day on this Monday morning!!

  15. Carol Buddin says:

    You are so right…and it means more coming from someone like you. I often feel guilty because I am not working as much or as hard as you have. Perhaps it’s the balance that is tugging at me. I’m stepping back this year, delegating as much as I can and trying to concentrate on the creative side of the business. That is the part I love an they part that has taken a back burner when there is paperwork, marketing, etc to work on.

    • Oh, Carol, I am no different that YOU!! And don’t put yourself down for not working as hard as me or anyone else for that matter! Everyone works at a pace that is best for them and what they have going on in their lives! Right now, the hubs and I don’t have children, and I do this full time! So I can afford to hit the pavement hard, day in and day out. But rest assured a day will come when our season of life will require a slower pace and more focus on other aspects of our lives! It all goes back to exactly what you said, BALANCE! And that will be different for everyone!! Hang in there girl!! And happy creatin’!!!

  16. Jeannine Gonnella says:

    It’s hard to take a break from something you love! I too am always on the go go go and I love it…then I literally pass out and it’s THEN that I take a break! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming….but success is already there!!

    • Well, thank you Jeannine!!! You are I are no doubt from the same mold!! Go go go!! Pass out and rest!! Ha ha!!! That’s why I knew we had to make an intentional step towards rest in 2016! The go go go can only go for so long!! Right?? Ha ha!! We are so happy to have you along for the ride!! Thank you for your sweet words!!

  17. The Twisted Bristles says:

    No shame in taking a much deserved breather my sweet friend. Best wishes to you and Bill.

    • Thank you, Miss Carren!! Happy to see you here on the blog! I hope you are doing well and are having a wonderful start to the new year! Keep in touch!! 🙂

  18. You and I are perfect soul sisters! I needed to read this post! I am “flint hills gypsies” in Peabody KS and have experienced everything you have written! I didn’t KNOW I could take a break! Lol!
    Much love to your endeavor! Would LOVE to travel to your place sometime!

    • Oh Morgan!! Isn’t it funny how we create these business so we can have freedom from the chains of a corporate world!! But then we impose tougher rules on ourselves than we would have if we were working for someone else!! I try to remember, as hard as it is, I OWN this business. I make the rules. And I break the rules when needed. Our time off proved to us that the world won’t come to a screeching halt if we step back for a day, a week, even a month!!! So, friend, do it!! Take a break!! You deserve it! And will be all the better for it!!! XOXO Keep in touch, soul sister!!

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