The One Word that Goes a Long Way

It’s kind of a secret codeword for life! So, of course, I tuck it in my back pocket when I go yard sale shopping. Any guesses what is may be??


Thank you?


Ha ha! It’s the one word that goes a long way and it’s the seventh tip in my Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

Your word is: Hello.

Can you use it in a sentence? … Hello, how are you today?

May I have the origin? … Friendly people around the world.

Can you repeat the word? … Hello.


That’s it. It’s as simple as those five letters. You will be amazed at the response you will get from people after saying that one simple word! So, what does this have to do with yard sale shopping? So glad you asked…

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping {Tip #7}

Those two syllables open the doors to amazing opportunities when experiencing an adventure like the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale. You are in a foreign place. You are at the mercy of your vehicle to get you from place to place. You don’t know a soul other than your co-adventurer. You need to meet people to make this adventure a success! And what better way, than by using your secret codeword??

It’s pretty universal. I mean think about it. Even if you don’t speak the same language, what’s the one word you know in Spanish? French? Swahili, perhaps? Ha ha! I would venture to guess that nearly everyone in the entire world knows the word, “Hello.” It’s a friendly gesture. So, why don’t people use it more? I think often people are too busy focused on themselves to even notice the people around them. Here’s a couple scenarios where the secret codeword will come in handy!

Time to Negotiate a Sale

From the minute you step foot into someone’s sale,  you are setting yourself up for that moment when you may want to negotiate. Saying “Hello” right out of the gate shows that you are friendly. You recongnize and respect the seller. And you are not just there to scrounge up some steals. Saying “Hello” opens the door to chat with the seller about items you may be interested in. “So, where did you find this?” “How old is this piece?” You never know the stories people will share with you about the items they are selling. “Oh, that was my great grandfathers. He was a dairy farmer back in the 40’s. I just don’t have space for all that he left me.” What a story, right?! That’s how you find treasures with a story. Not too mention if you connect with the seller on this level and they know that you plan to treasure their great grandfather’s old cow bells and not let the history die, they are more willing to work with you on a price. If I am selling a cow bell, I’d rather sell it to someone who will cherish the story behind it for $4 than get $15 from someone who is just going to resell it, story lost! I’m passionate about keeping the story alive, in case you didn’t know! Ha ha!

Time to Eat

Somewhere along the 127 route, you are going to have to eat! You are inevitably going to be in the middle of small town, TN and have no idea where to go! The secret codeword opens the doors to fellow shoppers and sellers. Everyone will be searching for food around noon. Grab a snack from your Yard Sale Kit, even if it’s Cheese Doodles & Diet Dr. Pepper! Shoot to have lunch a little later. Use your secret codeword to spark a conversation with fellow shoppers and ask where they had lunch! That’s how you find those reeeeally great local spots (and the not-so-great spots to avoid)!

Time to Sleep

And while you may be too excited to sleep.. at some point, you’re gonna have too! Now, here’s the thing, I’ve given you the rundown on Lodging 101, but if you didn’t follow those tips and find yourself with heavy eyes and nowhere to go, using your secret codeword can open the door to some locals letting you know where some lodging may be available! Be friendly. It may be the difference between you getting some rest and being in a deliriously-silly-I’ve-had-no-sleep-but-I’m-still-junkin’ state!! That fun only lasts for about an hour!!

 Being friendly goes a loooong way! And so does the secret codeword! Here’s to making new friends, finding junk with a story, and a good bite to eat!!

Let me know how it goes!!

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Happy Yard Sale Shopping!!

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