The World’s Largest Yard Sale {Day Four: Georgia & Alabama}

What a difference a hot shower makes?!! Ha ha!! We woke up on day four in beautiful Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. We stayed at a hotel!! Aaaahhhh!! And the angels sang! In case you missed Day One, Two, or Three… we slept all three nights in the back of our SUV!! It was soooo fun! But a hot shower was definitely in order! The hotel had free breakfast so we stuffed our bellies and hit the road for day four of our Highway 127 Yard Sale Adventure!

Highway 127 World's Largest Yard Sale {One Junkers Adventure}

Full of energy, we thought we’d flex our muscles as we crossed into the state of Georgia! We stretched out and everything, bracing for a piggy back photo in front of the Georgia sign… ha ha!! Hmmm. Didn’t quite work out. Perhaps I should lay off of the cheese doodles!! Either way, we got a good pic!

Welcome to Georgia #RustedRoutes

Good thing our spirits were bright, because the sky sure wasn’t! It was foggier than an 80’s rock concert filled with head bangers and big hair!!

Foggy Start to 127 Yard Sale #RustedRoutes

But I decided to make the best of it… propped my feet up and enjoyed the ride through the mountains of Georgia! Like my boots? Yeah, I scored them yesterday… $20!! They’re as old as me!! Made in the 80’s!

Vintage Cowgirl Boots #RustedRoutes

We knew there wouldn’t be too many sales through Georgia, we had been warned. But, I was delighted when I spotted this hefty piece ‘o rust as we apporached Menlo, Georia. We had to stop…

Rusty Old Tractor #RustedRoutes

It was a fun little barn stuffed to the rim with old junk, but the prices were much like that rusty tractor… a little hefty!

127 Yard Sale in Georgia #RustedRoutes

I get the feeling that this guy is open all the time and his prices reflect that. So, we did a little browsing and hit the road to find more sales.

127 Barn Sale #RustedRoutes

Just down the road, a smaller sale caught my eye. I spotted lots of rusty stuff! And remember my rusty scissors?? I wanted a mama pair to go with them. So, when I saw these I knew I had to have them! I asked how much, and the guy said $4 a piece! Say what?!? Whew. Waaaaay more than I would ever spend!! I offered $5 for the pair which was still more than I wanted to pay, but I really liked them. He said he could do $6.

Old Rusty Scissors #RustedRoutes

I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. $3 a pair? That’s just crazy!! So, I walked away. Took a look around. Check this out… reminds me of the wooden paddle my mom had growing up. She never used it really. Except that one time. Ha ha! It was shaped like a hand. My dad made it. It was their DIY duo teaming up to sabotage the kids!! Ha ha!! #notreally But Oooo Yeller? That’s clever!

Old Painted Wooden Paddle #RustedRoutes

On the way back to the car, I stopped by the scissor man once more, offered my $5 again and he said he couldn’t. Okay? Then I’ll have to hit the road sans rusty scissors. I was bummed.

SImple Yard Sale Sign #RustedRoutes

Our next stop healed the wounds that scissor man left behind… we were just south of Menlo, Georgia. A small sale, but they had a barn and you know me and my barns so we stopped! I couldn’t believe it when I spotted that Railroad sign. I’ve been wanting one that has RR… and not the words Railroad. You know why?? Anybody? Anybody?

Old Metal Railroad Sign #RustedRoutes

Of course, because it stands for Rusted Roots!! <wink> I saw a handful of old feed sacks tucked away in the barn. I asked the owner if they were for sale or if she was hanging on to them. She said, “No, honey, you can have them for $5 a piece”. Welllll, I had just snagged some at auction for $3 a piece for a secret project I’m planning. So, I really didn’t want to pay more than $3. I rounded up four of my favorites and asked is she could do $3 a piece if I bought four? She agreed!! Woot woot! I also snagged these awesome radiator fans for $3 a piece. It seemed $3 was the magic number!!

Rusty Metal Radiator Fans #RustedRoutes

P.S. Did you see my little blue tool box in there? Yeah, that’s the one I told you about yesterday, but didn’t have a picture of it! Well, there she is!! She did sneak in there!! Between Menlo and Cloudland, Georgia, a monster reared his head… Dun. Dun. Duuuuunnnn.

Junkosaurus Wrecks Georgia 127 #RustedRoutes

Uh huh. Yup. Looks like a sweet little stop, right?? But living behind this old house is THE junkosaurus wrecks!!

See the Beast! #RustedRoutes

Someone after my own heart… creating beauty from rusted roots… well, kinda!! We didn’t get to see the beast. We’ll save that for next time. For now, the sign will have to do!! As we approached Cloudland, GA, it was time to stop to gas up!! Lucky for me, there was a yard sale at the gas station… Holla!! While the hubs pumped some gas and grabbed a soda… I was digging through some old junk! And guess what I found?!!!

Rusty Scissors and Rake #RustedRoutes

Woot woot!! Scissor man aint got nothin’ on me!! I scored these rusty scissors for a buck!! And got the rake for a buck too!! Sometimes those random stops can be the best!! From the gas station, we walked to the border and snagged this pic!! Welcome to Alabama…

Alabama State Sign #RustedRoutes

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but we were no longer on Highway 127 at this point! Oh, no. Nuh uh. We left 127 before we crossed into Tennessee. It’s all kinds of twisty roads through Georgia and Alabama, none of which are 127. Funny, huh? So, until this point we did pretty good following our route. But somewhere along the way, we must have gotten distracted and missed a turn. That road took us to Valley Head, Alabama, and that’s when we realized we had missed our turn. But hey, look on the bright side… this rusty ‘ol truck greeted us!! Camper and all! So, we snapped a pic and got back on track!!

Old Rusty Truck witgh Trailer #RustedRoutes

At this point, we were keeping our stops quick! We wanted to make it all the way to the bottom before we had to head back to NC!! It was an 8 hour drive back and we had to do it all in one day!! Road warriors, I tell ya!! We are road warriors!! So, back on track, we hit a sale in Leesburg, Alabama, where Bill spotted this bike. Kinda goes with the mondo bike in Kentucky, right?

Big Vintage Bicycle #RustedRoutes

And it’s only fittiing that one of the last pictures I took was of this old shop. Hubs Mercantile. It’s an homage to my partner in junk, my co-adventurer, the cheese to my doodle! Ha ha!! The hubs. He drove the entire 1660 miles, with a small two hour break where I took the wheel. He whipped the car around when I wanted to grab a picture. He tetris packed all my junk in the back. He kept all the cash, so I could shop hands-free. He navigated like a pro. He rolled the window up when I was cold. He bought a battery powered fan when I was hot. He let me have the last bite of the homemade cherry pie. He took me on the adventure of a lifetime!!

Hubs Mercantile #RustedRoutes

So, as we approached the end of one of the best junk adventures of my life… I am thankful!! Posing for this picture in Gadsden, Alabama was more than an acheivement. It marks the ending of an amazing journey. One that I will remember for the rest of my life!! I mean, who travels 1660 miles in 5 days, cover 10 states, and sleeps in a hotel once!!

We do!! We did!! And I wouldn’t have changed a thing!!

Beginning of 127 Yard Sale Alabama #RustedRoutes
Thank you so much for coming on the adventure with us!! If you followed on Facebook and Instagram (#RustedRoutes), we loved chatting with you along the way!! We loved hearing your stories about the different places along the route and the history that you all shared with us about the old barns and Ruby Falls. You all were part of our journey too!! And we sure hope you’ll come with us again!!

Highway 127 Yard Sale in Georgia and Alabama #RustedRoutes

With that being said.. I told you there would be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Well, here it is…

We want you to come on a junk adventure with us?! No. Like really.. in the car.. with us!! Let’s do this!! We are planning our first junk adventure as we speak! It will be a local one… leaving from Raleigh/Durham NC! It will be a day trip… leaving early morning and coming back that evening! Sound like fun?? Be sure to sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss the details!! And if you are not local, don’t you worry, we plan to travel far and wide!! This is only the beginning!!


If you enjoyed the journey down Highway 127, we’d love for you to check out all four days and share them with your friends! Pin these images or share them on Facebook to save them to your timeline! I’m bettin’ there’s a trip to the 127 Yard Sale in your future!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. I took this trip with my twin sister many years ago. It was one of the best trips ever. Many many memories. Thanks for sharing your trip. You guys look like a hoot. It brought back a lot of great times for me.

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