The World’s Largest Yard Sale {Day Two: Kentucky}

Stretchy, stretchy… we slept goooood last night!! Day two we woke up in the WalMart parking lot in Frankfort, Kentucky! And boy, did we have cush accommodations!! In case you missed Day One, we are travelling the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale gypsy-style!! So that meant camping, once again, in the back of the SUV. But this time, we were smart!! We hit up the Wal-Mart for a battery powered fan! We flipped our heads to the other end, so our feet could stretch out!! And boy, did we sleep phenominally! Really!! And we were ready for day two of our adventure!!

Highway 127 World's Largest Yard Sale {One Junkers Adventure} #RustedRoutes

It was a rainy start to the day, but we didn’t let that get us down. I strapped on my boots and we hit the streets!! We stopped for some biscuits at Hardee’s and started the rainy drive down 127…

Rainy Day on the 127 Yard Sale #RustedRoutes

We passed a lot of sales that were sadly covered in tarps. I was beginning to lose faith. How long would the rain last? How many sales were we missing out on? I was bummed!! And then just as I was about to give up… the rain let up, the clouds parted, and I spotted this beautiful barn in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Barn Sale in Kentucky #RustedRoutes

We pulled right in… anxious to get out of the car. We grabbed the umbrella, just in case and headed inside. There were lots of reproduction metal art..

127 Yard Sale {Metal Art} #RustedRoutes

But lots of good ‘ol rusty metal too!! I dug through this box and scored four pairs of rusty scissors! See ’em?! I’ve got plans to make some neat wall art with these dolls! I think they would be just perfect for our craft room, or office!! Scored all four pairs for $3!

Digging Through Rusty Junk #RustedRoutes

Across the way from the beautiful barn were sales galore!! We crosssed the little white bridge, that protected our feet from the rain-filled stream, and started our search. Isn’t the paint on that yellow chair just darlin’?! The drizzle started again, so I’ll keep the chatter short. I’ll give you a chance to look around and I’ll meet you in the barn!!!

127 World's Longest Yard Sale {Kentucky} #RustedRoutes

Rusty Old License Plates #RustedRoutes

Old Rusty Tractor Seats #RustedRoutes

Old Rusty Chairs {127 Yard Sale} #RustedRoutes

Old Antique Blue Wooden  #RustedRoutes

Old Metal Toy Car #RustedRoutes

Blue Ball Mason Jar {Rusty Basket} #RustedRoutes

Old Rusty Wagon #RustedRoutes

That was a lot of rusty junk, right?? If I didn’t already have a rusty wagon, I would have definitely taken that doll baby home!! And that blue door… swoon! But it was what I found in the second old barn, that I just couldn’t pass up!

Old Antique Rolling Casters #RustedRoutes

As we walked in, I spotted all these beautiful casters! Pearly white! I had a good feeling about this barn! I browsed through past the rusty license plates and old whiskey barrels. (Or should I say bourbon? We are in Kentucky!) And then I spotted them… this pile of… wait… what are these? I like what I see, but what are they??

Find Junk in an Old Barn #RustedRoutes

As I started sifting through the metal yummies, a kind old man came over and said, “Do you know what those are, honey?” Well, no. But they sure are pretty! He went on to tell me that they came from an old barn 35 miles west of Indianapolis. A 75-year-old man sold them to him. His father, who would have to be over 100, if he were still with us, used to catch maple syrup from the trees back in the 1930’s. His containers needed lids, so in true 1930’s DIY fashion, he flattened some old oil cans and made lids for his maple syrup containers. How’s that for an amazing story?!! The guy wanted $5 a piece for them! Which was a killer deal! But you know me, and my negotiating skillz, so I had to bargain a little! I got four for $15!! And I love ’em!!

Old Oil Cans Upcycled #RustedRoutes

With my oil can lids in tow, we hit the road. Next stop: Danville, Kentucky! We stopped at other small sales along the way. But friends, if I shared every. single. stop. you would have to sit through all 544 pictures! And who wants that?? So, I’ll share the big stops and of course, the places where I scored some fun junk!!

127 Yard Sale in Kentucky #RustedRoutes

This Dr. Pepper sign had me hook, line, and sinker! Ha ha!! Perhaps it’s because they sell ‘bait’! This stop was sooo fun! We could have spent hours here. But we were moreso skim shopping. You know what I mean? We wanted to cover as much ground as possible so we didn’t look in every booth. We didn’t dig in every old crate. We kinda skimmed our way through the sales, so we could scope out our favorite spots for next year!

Best Place to Shop 127 Yard Sale Kentucky #RustedRoutes

This was the first booth we came too and I was overwhelmed with all the goodies I spied! For some reason, I was drawn to the big ‘ol heat register leaning again that ‘ol bed. I pulled it out. It was a beast!! The owner came over and showed me that he has a smaller one that went with it. Hmmm… the wheels started turning!

Antique Architecture Heat Registers #RustedRoutes

Good thing I had used my secret codeword when I first walked up! That opened the door for me to ask him if he knew anything about the history of these registers. He told me they came out of an old house in Youngstown, Ohio, and were from the 1920’s. Other than that, he didn’t have a story to go with them. But, that’s ok! I’d rather the seller be honest, than make up a story, just so I buy it! I think he told me $15 on the larger one, and $10 on the smaller one. But I got ’em both for $15! I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the secret codeword. It works!

Old Coca-Cola Aluminum Crate with Bottles #RustedRoutes

We passed lots of other cool junk as we shopped around! I had never seen a 12-count Coca-cola crate! And this vintage green bike caught my eye too!!

Old Vintage Green Bicycle #RustedRoutes

Do you know what that little screen on the back wheel is for?? Yeah, me either! But the owner came over and was telling that it was to keep ladies dresses from getting caught in the spokes. How cute? I can picture ladies with their long flowy skirts riding this bike, carrying a basket full ‘o fresh-picked wild flowers to their mama! Imagine the number of skirts that brushed that beautiful green bicycle!!

Vintage Green Bicycle #RustedRoutes

A couple booths down, I spotted this ‘ol thing. I had no idea what it was, but it totally looked like a light fixture to me!! You see it right? Flip it upside down. It already has the opening to feed my light in! And you can’t really tell by the picture, but it’s big! He wanted $10 for it. So, what did I pay??? ….. $6!! I can’t wait to upcycle this bad boy!! Stick around for the tutorial on that!!

Old Galvanized Roll Cage #RustedRoutes

I wanted this laundry basket so bad! I love all the kitchy red stuff!! They were asking $65 for it. I offered $50, but alas, the lowest they would go was $60. So, I had to walk away. Seeee… it doesn’t always work out! You win some and you lose some. And I’m okay with those odds.

Vintage Red Folding Rolling Laundry Cart #RustedRoutes

Coming off of my disappointment with the red laundry cart, I stumbled across a booth that appeared to have nothing I would like. But I went in for a peak anyway. The owner saw the heat registers I was totin’ around and asked if I like that kind of thing? Of course, I exclaimed. I like to upcycle old junk into something else. So I was thinking wall art for these old registers. He said, “Oh, then you might like what I’ve got in one of these old trunks”. He lifted the lid and it was as if the angel’s voices seeped out… aaaaAAAHHHH!!!

Antique Heat Register Hoods #RustedRoutes

Those my friends are heat register hoods!!! I know!! Say what??? It was my lucky day!! The gentleman went on to tell me that these came out of an historic house in Lexington, KY. He said the house was for sale and some of the antique elements had been salvaged prior to putting it on the market. The house was only about 45 minutes from where we were. I wanted to go take pictures of it, but we had to stay focused. So I settled for digging through the trunk of hoods and picked out two!! Got ’em both for $20. It was a little steep but when you see what I do with these… holy mamma jamma, you will understand!!

Digging for Rusty Treasure #RustedRoutes

 My arms were full at this point… and those registers were heavy!! So we headed back to the car to unload. Here… you take a look around while I drop this junk off…

Rusty Metal Junk Sign #RustedRoutes
Upcycled Tractor Table #RustedRoutes
Colorful Junk on 127 Yard Sale #Rusted Routes
Chippy Mini Milk Stools Colorful #Rusted Routes
Too much goodness for one stop, right?! Danville, KY is for sure on on our list of go-to places for next year!! One last photo opp before we hit the road!! Yes, it’s an old tractor door!! Next year, I’m bringing a truck!!
Old Rusty Yellow Tractor Door #RustedRoutes
Just south of Danville, we passed this sign. I just had to share!! I took pics of tons ‘o catchy yard sale signs, but this one I had to show you now!! I’ll share the rest of them in another post. I tell ya… these people are creative!! You had me at ‘Classy Trash’!!
127 Yard Sale Sign #RustedRoutes
We even passed a sale that was selling rocks! Yes, geode rocks for a dollar a pop! It was fun watching everyone bust open their rocks to see what was on the inside! You just never know what you will find on the 127 Yard Sale!
Geode Rocks for Sale #RustedRoutes
That was our last stop for a while… as the bottom fell out!! I mean rain like none other!! So what did we do?! Well, we made the best of it!! After all, we are ♪ “Junkin’ in the Rain” ♪
Ha ha!! Can you believe that?? Seriously? It blew our minds!
Our journey south continued to the small town of Moreland, KY and this beautiful barn! This is where I met my friend, Jamie, and she sold me her beautiful handmade antique tool box! And I snagged an old folding ruler too!!
Old Barn Sale #RustedRoutes
As we approached Liberty,  KY… we were greeted by this guy! His little legs working as hard as they could on the treadmill. The treadmill powering an ice cream maker, where an Amish family scooped it up and sold it. It was quite the set up and so neat to see. They didn’t work him to hard… they love their animals. But it is such a simple way of life. I was in awe.
Amish Horse Makes Ice Cream #RustedRoutes
I could hardly focus on the rusty junk that surrounded me,  distracted by all the cute Amish families milling about. The children running through the mud barefoot. The mothers with babies tied to their hips. It was so sweet. I love these people. And while I felt as if they were so different from me, I’m sure they thought the same about me. I noticed the little girls looking at my boots… they must have thought I was a ‘real’ cowgirl. I wanted to talk to all of them, but I also wanted to respect their culture and privacy. So I watched from a distance and continued on my junk adventure. It wasn’t too hard when I spotted this…
Rusty Old Car Parts #RustedRoutes
The guy reeeeally wanted to offload these pieces, offering to sell me all three pieces for $75! If I had a truck and trailer I would have loaded it up in a heartbeat! Man!! In hindsight, I probably could have strapped the hood to the top of the car, but hey, you learn!! And no, he didn’t have the tailgate. This was actually from a car!
A couple other fun finds at this stop… an amber Ball mason jar. I had never seen one before. It was priced at $150! Eeek!!
Antique Amber Ball Mason Jar #RustedRoutes
And this bread sign had the perfect patina!! It also made our stomachs rumble!!
Old Rusty Bread Advertising Sign #RustedRoutes
We had a heavy lunch, fried chicken buffet!! Mashed taters… green beans… bicuits… and more!! So we opted for a light dinner, homemade soft pretzels that the young Amish girls made. They were the best pretzels I have ever sunk my teeth into!!
Homemade Amish Soft Pretzels #RustedRoutes
And we snagged a homemade cherry pie to share for dessert! Talk about another sweet ending to a sweet day!! Sure we missed some of the main stops because of the rain, but we still had lots of fun and found lots of fun junk!! As the sun began to set, we crossed into Tennessee! We snagged a pic with the Kentucky sign as we said goodbye! We dried off our boots and rested up for day three of our adventure!!
Rusted Routes in Kentucky #RustedRoutes

  If you enjoyed the journey down Highway 127, we’d love for you to check out all four days and share them with your friends! Pin these images or share them on Facebook to save them to your timeline! I’m bettin’ there’s a trip to the 127 Yard Sale in your future!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

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