Turn An Old Table Into A Farmhouse Sign

The old crusty newspaper peeling away from that chippy green paint. Has me dreamin’ of how long that old newspaper sat on that table before someone peeled it off. Her legs were weak, she didn’t stand very tall, but she had good character, so we took her home.

Upcycled Table Into Farmhouse Sign #RustedRoots

She spent many a night in the Rusted Roots shop waiting for someone to take her home. But, I fear her wobbly legs did her in and kept her from finding a new place to call home. That’s when I got to thinking. How could I upcycle this ‘ol gal to give her a new purpose, a new life without stripping her of her story.

That’s when I decided to strip her of her weakness, those wobbly legs, and turn her into a farmhouse sign…

Unique Idea for Handpainted Farmhouse Sign #RustedRoots

Her skirt was so hefty, it would make a perfect base for a table top sign or give great depth when hung on a wall. I used our Silhouette to design a simple sign that would fit her personality. ‘Fresh Eggs’ seemed like a good fit.

Unique Fresh Eggs Farm Sign #RustedRoots

And look how we managed to save those ‘ol newspaper crusties!! I love it!!

DIT Upcycled Farmhouse Sign #RustedRoots
I can’t wait to style her in all her fresh farmhouse glory for Rusted Roots March 18-19 sale!! Something tells me she’ll find a new home that weekend!! If you’re not already, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!! That’s where all the magic happens. Sneak peaks at what we’re working on for the show plus all our junk adventures and farm finds!! Now… what else can I tear apart and recreate????!!


Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Seeing about your sale makes me wish we still lived in KY so we’d be much closer to get to your sale. We live west of Grand Junction, CO now so it’s way too far to go to so many great sales I hear about on here. This isn’t the best area for vintage or antique sales at all. Sure do miss KY, we lived few miles north of Bowling Green. Even Helena, MT (we lived south of there 7 yrs. before KY) and there are vintage/antiques stores all over area.
    Doggone it, where does day go, have to go to physical therapy at 3:00 today. As am typing on here, reading posts, will stop to do few minutes of exercises thru the day. Otherwise get hollered at by therapist. Had right shoulder replaced on 12/7
    Candace I just realized whose blog this is, so glad to see how you’re doing. This is so great to find you again. How are things for you in new capacity? Have missed you. Are you enjoying hunting for/fixing up treasures to sell?

    better feed my face before pt so have energy to be tortured, lol Have great weekend

    • JaaaaaneElleeeeen!!! So glad you found us again!! I was wondering where you were!! Mom and I have talked about you often, wondering if you and your hubby were hanging in there!! I hope your surgery has brought you some relief in your shoulder. It is so good to hear from you!!! I hope you will keep in touch! And maybe, just maybe one of these days you can make it out to the East Coast! Would so love to meet you!! You take care! And keep that therapist happy! Ha ha!! 🙂

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