Upcycled Bed Spring Snowmen

The things you hear escape the mouths of Rusted Roots shoppers… it’s some of the best entertainment I’ve had in a while!! The other day in a most dramatic fashion, I had a lady walk through the door, take a deep breath in (as if she were trying to inhale nose-spray) and exhaled, proclaiming “Finally, I’m at home!” Ha ha!! I couldn’t help but chuckle. She was so excited to finally find a shop with funky junk!! It was like Christmas morning!! Ha ha!! Literally!!

Old Rusty Bed Springs for Sale at Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

I also giggled as I overheard a mom talking to her daughter about the rusty bed spring snowmen that I made last week. Ya’ll know I love me some rusty bed spring projects… remember the candle holders I whipped up??

Upcycled Rusty Bed Spring Candles #RustedRoots

As this mother passed by the rusty snowmen… she said to her daughter, “Look!! These would be so cute in your kitchen! Look! Look! They’re boingy!!” Yes. She totally said boingy!! And it totally made my day!! Every time I see these little guys now, I think about that lady and it makes me smile!! So, ya wanna make some?? They are easy peasy!! Grab your springs and some red buttons…

How to Make a Bed Spring Snowman #RustedRoots

Make sure to turn your springs so you have three rows facing you. If you don’t you may end up with only two edges to hot glue your buttons. And we all know every good snowman has three buttons!!

Rusty Bed Spring Snowman #RustedRoots

Then, get ya some snowman heads!! I searched high and low for the perfect ones. I knew I didn’t want glass. I’m too rough with stuff to have glass. So when I spotted these at Michaels, I was stoked!!! (Update: They are now 50% off!!!) They are ornaments, but I snipped the loop off and now they are rusty snowman toppers!!

Bed Spring Snowman with Santa Hat #RustedRoots

And can you believe with the little sprig arms on each side, I didn’t even have to glue them in place. I wedged the greenery down underneath the top spring and that’s it!! Instant rusty snowman!!

Bed Spring Snowman with Top Hat #RustedRoots

It doesn’t get much easier than that! I whipped up a whole rusty snowman family!! Imagine if these little guys took off after Santa…

Boingy! Boingy! Boingy! Boingy! Boingy!!

Makes me smile!!! I only have a few left but you can get them at the shop or make your own!! I’d love to see yours!!

Repurposed Old Bed Spring Snowman #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!

  2. Bed springs is the one junk project I haven’t tried, but I love these, they really are cute!

  3. So darn cute! Now where can I find some box springs to tear apart??

  4. Jennifer Ozanich says:

    Absolutely love these!!!!

  5. I love tehse little guys! I’d love to make some of these. Thank you for the great idea. I have the springs but can’t find any suitable snowmen in my area. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

  6. What do you make nose out of?


  1. […] Candace at Rusted Roots combined old rusted bed springs with buttons and snowman ornaments and made these super cute snowmen. These would be great for the upcoming Christmas holiday decor. […]