Upcycled Chevy Christmas Wreath (I know, right?!!)

For a gal who loves her a good ‘ol rusty truck, can it get any better than this?? This was one of those true Rusted Roots tales…

Upcycled Chevy Christmas Wreath #RustedRoots

 You see, when my rusty ‘ol truck counter was born (remember?), she was born with a small birth mark. We all have them, right? That one little blemish that makes us different from everyone else. So, what was the birthmark you ask? Well, she was born with a Ford wheel cover!!! I know. I know. Such a faux pas, right? But we all have our little imperfections. So the team who built our counter (Eminil Designs) had been on the hunt for a Chevy wheel cover that we could swap out.

Old Chevrolet Wheel Cover #RustedRoots

And there she was!! They stopped by the shop a couple weeks ago with three Chevy wheel covers for me to choose from. They all looked the same with the exception of this one with the cracks and rust! You know I went for the one with the most character!! I was stoked!! Mark popped the Ford wheel cover off and went to attach the Chevy one.. and womp womp. Too small!! Noooooooo…

I think he saw the disappointment fill my eyes. And I know he was bummed too! That’s when he told me that I had already fallen in love with the wheel cover and all her rusted glory, so I could just have her. I knew I could make something amazing with it. I just wasn’t sure what. Then the wheels started turning… pun intended.

Make a Wheel Cover Wreath #RustedRoots

I wanted to make a wreath… a Christmas wreath! The red of the Chevy letters was perfect for Christmas. I tried first hot gluing some greenery to the back of the wheel cover. Nope! Fell right off. Then I tried E6000, ’cause I’ve heard that stuff works magic. Nope! Fell off again! Then, I thought, what if we attach a wreath to the wheel cover and then attach all of my fun greenery to that??

The hubs had it figured out in no time! He snagged some Christmas tree hooks from the tree and a pair of pliers. A twist here. A tweak there. And before I knew it, the wreath was attached in four places!! Perfect!

Chevrolet Christmas Wreath Upcycle #RustedRoots

I dressed her up a bit with some red berries and frosty boxwood. I love the mixure of textures.

Chevy Wheel Cover Christmas Wreath #RustedRoots

But it seemed to me that something was still missing…

I am not usually one to alter a vintage piece with paint. I like it the way it is. But for some reason, I wanted to fill in some of the letters with a weathered red paint. And since it was for our house, I thought, why not??

Salvaged Wheel Cover Wreath #RustedRoots

I did a very light dry brush of red paint on some of the letters and painted others heavier and distressed with sandpaper.

Repurposed Chevrolet Christmas Wreath #RustedRoots

I think it gives it a very authentic look and I doubt anyone in our neighborhood will have a wreath like this!! Now the question… bow or no bow?? What do you think??

Upcycled Old Chevy Christmas Wreath #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Dixie Hutchins says:


  2. It is fantastic…definitely a bow a maybe a vintage car or truck in the center of the bow. Or a couple around the wreath itself would be cute.

  3. I know this is an old thread but just found your site and really haven’t left it for days!! My dad was and now my husband is a car fanatic and when my husband saw this he said it needed a bowtie…as in the Chevrolet symbol is called a bowtie..so to find an old one at some car junk yard would be fairly easy and apply it somewhere in the greenery I think would look awesome..the older and rustier the better!

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