Upcycled Gas Pump Coat Rack

Sometimes I buy junk with absolutely no idea what I will do with it!! It will be the most random quirky piece of junk, but for some reason I feel the need to take it home and figure out a way to upcycle it. Sometimes it will sit in our workshop for months before I decide what to do with it. And sometimes, I will be laying in bed at night and an idea will pop in my head.

Upcycled Old Gas Pump Coat Rack #RustedRoots

When I showed y’all this picture on Facebook a couple weeks ago, some of you had some great ideas of how to upcycle it. Rochelle suggested making a magnet board. Rhonda had a cute idea with pictures of old gas stations and old gas prices. Gela blew me away with her wedding idea… she suggested filling in the holes with the date the couple met, got engaged, and then their wedding date!! How cute is that?!! But my all-time favorite idea was from Sheila who suggested making a bookshelf, attaching the gas pump front to the top and a gas pump handle to the side to make it look like a gas pump!! I can’t promise that I won’t make that gas station bookshelf!! I may or  may not have kept one of these pump fronts for myself!! But, in the mean time, I was looking for a simple upcycle that would be quick and create a useful piece. Hooks it is!!

How to Make an Upcycled Coat Rack #RustedRoots

I started by cutting two old pieces of wood to the length of the pump front. I knew I would need one at the top to attach a sawtooth for hanging and one at the bottom to attach the actual hooks to. I used some old lathes that we salvaged from an historic home in Raleigh. Remember?? I love having old wood like that on hand for projects just like this!!

Upcycled Gas Station Coat Rack #RustedRoots

I lined the two pieces of wood up so they wouldn’t cover the holes. They fit perfect!! And then I flipped it over and screwed the hooks into place! These hooks are amazing!! I am told they are military hooks. I have a dear friend who found a big crate of them in an old barn. She grabbed a handful for herself and then didn’t know what to do with the rest, so she brought them to me!! I will be sad when my stash of these old hooks runs dry!! I use them for EVERYTHING!!

DIY Upcycled Coat Rack #RustedRoots

The smallest screws I had on hand were one inch long, and well, that was a touch too long.

How to Cut the Tips off of Screws #RustedRoots

So, it was time to improvise. We broke out the angle grinder and a blade for cutting metal. Is it just me, or do you love the smell of cutting metal?? I’m so weird. But it smells like sparklers to me!! It reminds me of July 4th as a child, waving those long sparklers in the front yard, trying to spell out words or make shapes!! Ha ha!! Happy times, but I digress. It took a matter of seconds to have all of the tips off and in the garbage!!

How to Cut Metal #RustedRoots

I added a sawtooth hook to the back for hanging and badda-bing badda-boom!!

Upcycled Projects from Old Gas Station Junk #RustedRoots

Of course, I have several gas pump handles on hand… they’ll be for sale at our February 20-22 Junk Show!! And so will the coat racks!! 

Old Gas Station Pump Handles #RustedRoots

It’s kinda funky right?? All the old gas station junk!! I may whip up a few more of those gas can lamps! They’re always popular! And those OIL letters are real!! No repros there!! They are from an old gas station!! Unfortunately, as fun as this junk is, it is not available for shipping. All of this junk will be for sale at our February 20-22 Junk Show at the shop!! (135 Daniel Boone Street, Hillsborough, NC) So, the next time you see a piece of funky junk… don’t pass it up!! I’m sure, together, we can totally figure out a way to upcycle it!!

Vintage Gas Station Upcycled Projects #Rusted Roots


Until next time, let us remember..

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