Upcycled Mason Jar Caddy {Tutorial}

Who doesn’t have scrap wood scattered all through their garage?? I swear I think each little scrap grows its own little cartoon legs and meanders throughout the garage all ‘Toy Story’ style. Then as the garage door creaks open, they just fall where they may!

DIY Mason Jar Caddy Tutorial

But despite how they got there… I was sure glad I had them this week when I was brainstorming a gift for my dear friend, Lauren! She is the fabulous author of the blog The Thinking Closest and happens to be one of my BBFs (Best. Bloggy. Friends.) The two of us are hamming it up as we speak at a blog conference in Atlanta! And as her roomie, I just couldn’t show up empty handed!

Lauren and Candace

So what does one DIY blogger make for another DIY blogger?!? Hmmm. Well, Lauren looooves her some blue mason jars!! She used them in her wedding so they hold a special place in her heart! Well, Miss Lauren in a moment of insanity (yes, insanity) decided she would get rid of all of her blue mason jars. Waaaaaaaaah. And now? Well, she has got-rid-of-em remorse. Yes, it’s a such thing. If you’ve never experienced it, count your blessings!

So to join in her quest for reclaiming a collection of these special blue gems, I knew exactly what I wanted to give her…

Blue Mason Jar DIY Project

And while that lovely gem sparkles in her own right, I wanted to make something special to dress her up a bit. So, humming the Toy Story theme song, I headed straight for the garage. I was gonna build a little wooden caddy!

Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Building a Mason Jar Caddy

This was such a super easy build, and I’m gonna walk you through each little step.

First, my wood for this project is 7/8 inch thick. I cut the base of the caddy in a 5  5/8 inch square.

How to Build a Mason Jar Caddy

Two of the sides are longer and then there are shorter pieces the wedge in place. The longer sides are 5 1/2 long by 3 7/8 tall. Now keep in mind, I am using old reclaimed wood. So these measurements are not perfect. And you may have to play with it some if you are using salvaged wood as well.

How to Make a Mason Jar Caddy

I used a nailer to attach both of the longer sides. make sure you put one of your longer piece on whatever side you want to be the front. That way you don’t see the seams from the wedges you will slide in place. See how the pretty side of the wood is facing the front??

How to Build a Wooden Mason Jar Caddy

Then you wedge your short pieces in place. My shorter pieces were 4 inches long and 3 7/8 tall. When you nail your small pieces in place, be sure to nail it to the bottom and to the sides. That will keep it from going all wobble-wobble on ya! (Do you know that dance???)

Wooden Mason Jar Caddy Tutorial

And that’s it!! I thought about embellishing it with some rope. (Lauren loves all things nautical!) Or perhaps a couple cabinet handles on the sides. But Lauren is a creative gal, and I thought she would appreciate the simplicity of the design and if she wants to dress it up later, she can!!

DIY Wooden Mason Jar Caddy

I mean, how can you not love those aged nails and the little splits up the sides?? I think it would be just darling with some flowers in it!! Or perhaps a pencil or makeup brush caddy! It adds just enough rusty to this otherwise gem of a mason jar!

Salvaged Wood Mason Jar Caddy

I sure hope she likes it!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. First of all, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Candace Herrero you are a gem-and-half! I am sitting here in our hotel room right now, staring at this gorgeous gift you made me on our bedside table, and I can’t help but grin like a Cheshire Cat over the love, thought, and artistry poured into it. And then this here post is a gift in and of itself…one I will treasure dearly, as I do our friendship.

    Congrats on the new site! It is top notch (which is all you know how to do), and I am beyond honored to be the President of the Rusted Roots fan club, a title I am bestowing upon myself as your very first commenter. Cheers!

    • Candace says:

      And fitting it is, that you would be my very first commenter, dear friend!! I am overjoyed to have you along on this wild journey with me! I am grateful for your never-ending support here on the interwebs and in real life too! Always lookin’ out for me!! I couldn’t ask for a more genuine friend and President of the Rusted Roots fan club! Ha ha!! Sending a big-fat-squeeze-your-neck-hug your way!! XOXO

  2. You had me there Candace. When I met you at Haven, I think I told you, ” You are the girl from Vintage New Junkie, I get your FB updates”. Then I saw all the Instagram tags and the Business card for Rusted Roots and was confused. I was like Oh my God, the Vintage news junkie girl looks like her twin! I was about to verify one more time that these 2 girls were different before I blurt out an apology on your FB page saying, “Oh my Gosh, so sorry, the whole time at I Haven I was thinking and talking to you as if you were the Vintage news junkie girl”!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! So excited for you!

    • Candace says:

      Ha ha!! You are funny, Vidya! What was funny is that I started Haven introducing myself as Candace from Vintage News Junkie and people looked at me with a blank stare. But, the minute I handed over the wooden business card, they were like “OH! You’re Rusted Roots!!” So I succumbed to the pressure, ha ha, and then just told people I was from Rusted Roots! So glad to finally clear it up for you! And everyone else too!! Ha ha!! I’m glad to know that the Rusted Roots name sticks!! 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment!! I sure hope you’ll follow along over here now!!

  3. Linda Cortez says:

    love your site so much…glad I found this blog.


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