When Strangers Become Your Friends!!

I have been completely overwhelmed by YOU this week!! All of YOU!! Ever since announcing the new shop, I have received emails, notes, messages on social media… you guys and gals have been so sweet with all of your support, your kind words, and your encouraging words!! I’ve had fellow shop owners offer support and guidance. I’ve had other creatives reach out and propose ways we can work together! I’ve had people offer to paint, work, whatever I need!! And for that I am oh, so thankful!! Ya’ll make this journey all the more fun!!

But there was one person in particular, that I just can’t go another day without sharing!! Miss Liz from Junktion Alley brought tears to my eyes this week with one of the kindest gestures I have ever witnessed!!

A Sweet Story about Making Friends Far Away!! #RustedRoots

 Long before I ever knew I would be opening my own shop, I spotted Junktion Alley on my Facebook timeline. Say what?? How did Junktion Alley find little ‘ol me? And even left a comment!! Have you seen the followers she has on Facebook?? Yeah. Little ‘ol me. But I was so excited that she had found me and hoped that she would stick around. Fast forward several months and I announced the Rusted Roots Junk Adventure… and Junktion Alley wanted to go!! At that point, I still didn’t know who this Junktion Alley person was… but I knew we were a kindred spirit!! Junkers at heart!!

Upcycled Jewelry from Vintage Junk #RustedRoots

A couple days later, I got an email from a gal named Liz! Liz is the mastermind behind Junktion Alley!! And mastermind she is!! She creates uh-mazing upcycled jewelry. Necklaces. Bracelets. You name it. I have admired her work for some time… even tried to win some of her jewelry on Facebook, but to no avail….

Can you imagine my surprise when Liz out-of-the-blue sent me an email telling me how much she liked my work and wanted to send me a necklace!! Woot woot!! I would love that!!! I couldn’t imagine what she would create… but secretly hoped for a spoon necklace!! I just love ’em!! I got a package in the mail just a few days ago… in it were three… THREE… little black and white boxes! My heart skipped a beat!!

This was the first thing I pulled out…

Antique Spoon and Locket Necklace #RustedRoots

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! She read my mind!!! A beautiful spoon necklace!! Just what I wanted!! She told me to whisper my dream into the little heart locket and hold it close to my heart. Is she a doll or what?? Or she said I could put a little pink or blue crystal inside… as we are hoping to start a family soon. She knows me all to well!! It feels good to know that people really are reading this here little blog… and I am making friends half a country away!!

Then I opened the second box…

Old Truck and Boot Upcycled Necklace #RustedRoots

Oh my heavens… are you kidding me?? It has a truck and a cowboy boot!!! ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME??? Another spoon necklace! I could not believe my eyes. How thoughtful is that?? I knew she had made this necklace just for me!! You see, Liz does a Gyspy trip each year, much like my Rusted Routes Adventures!! So the ‘Wander’ charm was simply perfect!! Okay, so I had a new favorite!!

Until I opened the third box…

Old Skeleton Key Necklace #RustedRoots

Oh my rusty-lovin’ goodness!!! A rusty old key… and the word ‘Believe’… and you see that little charm? Can you tell what it is?? It’s a little vintage camper!! If ya’ll follow the blog, you know what that’s all about!! Liz sent me one of the sweetest notes you will ever read the day I shared my defeat over the little turquoise camper. You know what… I’m gonna share a little bit of what she said, because frankly I think we all need a cheerleader every now and then… and maybe one of you could use this today!! She said…

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! You are going to make it in this junk world! Your fun spirit, fabulous ideas, and amazing ambition are going to take you so far! I just know it! So, you make me a pinky promise right now, young lady… NO GIVING UP! You are much too strong and determined to allow a little set back keep you from achieving your dream! Each challenge that jumps in our way is just an opportunity to show the world how strong we are!

Hang on. Let me grab my tissue. Is that not one of the sweetest messages ever?! To have support like that from a complete stranger is something I don’t and will never take for granted!! From that moment on.. I knew I had a friend! Someone who would have my back on this journey no matter what, even half a country away!!

Vintage Camper Believe Necklace #RustedRoots

I can’t make this stuff up… the same day I received that email from Liz was the day I received the call that I had been approved for the building where we will open our new shop!! No joke. The same day!! And get this… just four days later, I got a text message from the owner of the turquoise camper and the other buyer backed out!! So the camper is back on the market and I am in talks with her about buying it!!! No joke!! I can’t make this up!!

It’s a true testament to NEVER GIVING UP, believing that all things are possible (Matthew 19:26), and having friends near and far who support you!!

Jewelry from Vintage Silverware #RustedRoots

Thank you for the necklaces, Liz! But more than that… thank you for your support, your kind words, and your encouraging role in this junkin’ journey!! And to the rest of you out there… THANK YOU too!! I get giddy with every comment you leave.. every like on Facebook. Just knowing you’re there, makes the journey worthwhile!!

Full Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for writing this. Liz sent me the jewelry out of the kindness of her heart with no expectations. I couldn’t help but share her work and her sweet soul with all of you!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. What a beautiful story! What a wonderful giving community of junkers/bloggers! I know I am living vicariously through you! You inspire as much as you get inspired! Thanks for sharing! Laurie xo

  2. I love it!! Love the jewelry and the sentiments behind the gifts – love the fact that ya’ll have the bravery to follow your dreams – love the fact that you are preserving things that would normally end up in a trash heap! I cannot wait to visit your store!

  3. I know where your coming from! I started my business in 2010. Then 2012 moved back to my home state which I had to close down for a year while we settled. Now I am restarting and I am so happy to be back in this dream. So don’t give up! Your best followers will always be there to support you thru thick and thin. I will surly be a supporter!! Glad to find you this wonderful Friday Night.

  4. Oh MY gosh… What a sweet, sweet post! Thank you for sharing my jewelry and our new friendship with your blog fans. I am so happy that you love them all so much! I am so proud for you and super excited to hear that the camper is an option again! Grab that little beauty up. She will look great out in the parking lot of that new store! BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE in those dreams and NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! Everything in our lives happens in God’s timing and not ours. I have been praying for you every day! You are living a dream that so many want. I cannot wait for a gypsy road trip to your neck of the woods so we can become more than cyber friends. Maybe, I’ll make it in time for a grand opening! 🙂 ♥~Liz

  5. Terri Stewart says:

    Love this post. I am so excited to follow you on your new adventure and wish you only the best. Can’t wait for shop to open so I can come visit.

  6. Karen Lewis says:

    Good things happen to good people and you sure are one of them. This is a lovely story and when I got towards the end and started reading about the little camper, I got chills. I am so truly happy for you and that little camper is going to be one big attraction sitting out by your new building.
    I glance towards the sky and I can see you flying around on Cloud 9.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is an wonderful post! There are so many good people in this world that take the time to be thoughtful and caring, it just makes a person want to step back and truly appreciate the goodness in others.
    I am SOOOOO PUMPED that the camper came back on the market-you need to scarf that baby up quickly! As I mentioned in my first comment to you, Patience and Perseverance…and it may have paid off. Good Luck, I hope you can scoop her up!
    Atta Girl!!

  8. Louise Atkin says:

    I have followed Liz for a while & got to met her at the Country Living Fair in Columbus Oh last year. She is a wonderful person. You are blessed to have her as a friend. <3

  9. I enjoyed the post, one day I will find time to come by your shop. next we need to find you a truck. love you.

  10. This post just made my day! I wish you all the best and I’m loving the jewelry!! I think bloggers are some of the most wonderful people I’ve never met. 🙂

  11. Woo Hoo and Wowwy. Those are amazing and I’m sure you will treasure them for a lifetime. Love Liz’s creations!!

  12. gayle daniel says:

    So happy for you and to be able to follow this adventure..and best of all I live within 40 miles or so of your new shop..I am over the moon excited to visit when you get all settled in and open for business. Love reading about all the support you are getting from friends near and far..this is the just the beginning for you I think..the sky is truly the limit.

  13. So excited for your new store. I have been following you on your journey for awhile. You do a great job with your facebook page and blog. Your excitement and love of junk is evident in your posts. So exciting to see God’s hand in your journey, he had bigger and better in mind for you. Been on a journey myself in Texas, love every minute of it. Loved reading this blog post and hope to visit your store someday. May God bless you!!! I love Junction Alley creations, what a blessing. if your ever in West Texas come visit Stuffology – Where Vintage Meets Modern!!! http://www.stuffology.net

  14. How Beautiful!! I have met soooo many nice people in the Junkin World and you myfriend are one of them via your post!!! Have a great Sunday and Junk On!!!

  15. I was hoping from the beginning that the camper would become available once again! Yay for you! Best wishes on your newest venture…opening a store. Enjoy the process! Those necklaces are beautiful. I am going to check out the web site.

  16. hey Girl,
    Cant wiat till Thursday for our junking adventure!!!!
    Your shop is going to be fantastic and fun like you…
    wishing you the best and hoping I can bring my Atomic Butterbean camper up one day so we can hang out!!
    God Bless, and see you soon……

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