The Vintage Camper I Wanted to Tuck in My Pocket

Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved the idea of camping! Sleeping in an unconventional manner. While I had never gone camping until I was an adult, as a child we would build forts out of chairs and blankets, build tents, cuddle in our sleeping bags. I loved a good camping trip… even if it was on our living room floor!!

So, it’s no surprise that even today I STILL love a good camping trip and I STILL love sleeping on the floor!! Last week, the hubs and I went on a junk adventure up north, rounding up goodies for our April 24-26 sale at the shop, and would you believe we slept in the back of a cargo van for three nights!! I’ll tell you more about that later!!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

So, when Cassy from the Atomic Butterbean asked to bring her vintage camper to Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market… well, yeah!!! Bring it on!! I could hardly contain myself when I saw Cassy and her hubby pull up Friday afternoon to get the girl in place! I ran outside, snapped this pic, and then headed straight for the camper!!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

I couldn’t wait to get inside and see how she had it all decorated! I knew the Butterbean preferred to dress in turquoise so I could only imagine what she would be wearing for the big show!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

I took a peak inside and couldn’t believe my eyes!! Forget pretty in pink, this doll was pretty in turquoise!! A vintage quilt draping the couch/bed, camper pillows make her look oh-so-cozy!!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

And oh my gosh, look at this little kitchen!! I can’t stand it! I want to just tuck her in my pocket and take her on a little road trip!!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots


The table by the front door is just perfect for eating (look at those vintage dishes!) or for playing a board game or two!! Those guitar curtains are just too stinkin’ cute!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

The Butterbean was littered with small tokens of beauty, like these two cross-stiched pieces that Cassy’s dad made for her. Isn’t that so sweet?! And something she can cherish forever!!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

It’s no wonder the Butterbean was a major attraction at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market! People posing for pics in front of her and taking a mini tour inside! If she could hold a pen, I think she would have signed her fair share of autographs!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

Rusted Roots Summer Junk Market is June 13-14 and we are busy rounding up more campers for you to enjoy during the market!! Make sure you are following on Facebook, where we will share with you our vendors coming soon!!

For now, thank you Cassy for bring the Butterbean and sharing her with us!! She’s a doll!!

Vintage Camper Tour at Rusted Roots Junk Market! #RustedRoots

I came THIS close (pinching fingers) to getting my very own vintage camper, but then this happened!! Better luck next time!! Now I’m on a different mission!! Everything happens for a reason!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Jo Ann Miller says:

    I hate to be a fuddy duddy and suggest that you might be mistaken, but I believe the cover in the camper is a chinelle bedspread. We once had a 12′ Shasta with 3 boys ranging from 8-13. Very big undertaking but we had a pickup with a cover and a mattress for them to sleep on. Love your stuff! Hugs

    • Margaret Ann Frank says:

      I have the same chenille blanket on the bed of my little camper Rosie Cotton (a boler)! My camper is decorated in the same colors and retro cute as well! It is wonderful to see how this one is decorated and I am in love with the little kitchen! I can also see how to arrange pillows on that blanket! Sometimes you need to see how others do things. This is an adorable camper and I wish I was close enough to come to your sale! Alas, I am in Ontario! Good luck and thanks for this peek into a really sweet camper!

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