What a Way to Kick off the Christmas Season!!

Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! What a way to kick of the Christmas season!! If y’all missed Rusted Roots November Jingle Your Junkin’ Bells, whew, you missed a party!! For starters, you never know what you’ll find at Rusted Roots, or what you will hear!!! I think you’ll recognize this little diddy that a dear friend, and loyal customer, Nichi performed to kick things off on Saturday!!!

Take a listen…

I know right???! How cute is that??? Ha ha!! Oh, Alvin!! It makes me laugh every time I hear it!! And that was on Saturday!! The festivities kicked off on Friday as soon as we opened the doors… first in the door, Miss Angie!! She was here bright and early to be first in!! Are YOU in the video??

I said it on Facebook, following the event Sunday night, but I”ll say it again here for those who may have missed it…

When we open the doors to Rusted Roots each month, I watch the people file in… and as the shop fills up, so does my heart! I am always humbled to see how our little dream continues to grow each month but NEVER like this weekend…

Rusted Roots Christmas Open House #RustedRoots

A young lady from Tennessee whose dad is having surgery at Duke stepped away from her dad’s bedside to visit us this weekend. A dear friend who knows her days with her mom are limited, left her side to come visit the shop. And another dear friend organized a day trip with the ladies from her church, they had a church van full of ladies who came from Roxboro!

Church Outing to Rusted Roots in NC! #RustedRoots

Two families drove all the way from Georgia. Miss Donna and her husband drove six hours, so we had to snag a quick pic!!

Junkers from Georgia visit Rusted Roots in NC!! #RustedRoots

A family from South Carolina did the same. There were several of you who came two days of our three days sale. And at least two of you (that I know of) who came ALL THREE DAYS!! You know who you are!! Ha ha!!

Y’all, I’ve said it before, and I hope you truly understand what it means to see each and every one of you come through those doors. I may not remember all of your names, I promise I try, but I know your faces!!! And with a small reminder, I remember your stories. And I am so grateful for them. I am so grateful for the many friends I get to see each month. Those that whiz through with their kiddos and those who sit a spell and chat!! We truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank you from Rusted Roots! #RustedRoots

Without our team of supporters, family, friends, and YOU, there would be no Rusted Roots. So, tonight we raise our rusty bucket to you, with a pretty Christmas bow, of course, and say you are the beauty that stems from our Rusted Roots!!! THANK YOU!!! And we can’t wait to see you for our last event of the year, Jingle Your Junkin’ Bells, Dec 4-6!!!

Rusted Roots Christmas Open House, Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Mary Johnson says:

    I’ve said it before, Candice, you are a joy to read. Because you are so humbled is the very reason I and all of your readers and customers truely feel the love you project. I myself can’t wait to meet you in person . So sorry I missed you when I visited in the fall, but I will not give up! Next time. Have a blessed Christmas season, and enjoy every second!!! Mary

    • Thank you, Miss Mary! You are too kind! We love what we do and having sweet people like you along on the journey make it all the better!! We sure hope that the stars align and we will be open next time you are travelling through our area. Thank you again for the kind words! They mean more than you know! Merry Christmas!!

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