Why Is It Called a Flea Market??

One of my all-time favorite things to do is flea market hop!! We are fortunate enough to live about 25 minutes from one of America’s best Flea Markets (according to CNN)… the Raleigh Flea Market!! I don’t think I have ever dug through the Raleigh Flea and walked away empty handed! And this past weekend was no different!!

Why Is It Called a Flea Market?? #RustedRoots

Walking around the Flea, I got to thinking about where the term ‘Flea Market’ came from… have you heard the story? Well, as it turns out, it’s a bit debated. But the most common story is that the term Flea Market comes from the French phrase, marché aux puces, a term that literally translates to ‘market of the fleas’. As the story goes, the first flea markets in Paris were named as such because shoppers were leary that the second-hand shabby wares had little fleas hidden within them!! Interesting, huh? And seeing as I am a lover of all things Parisian, I’m gonna go with that story!!

Paris Flea Market #RustedRoots

Les Puces de Paris at Saint Ouen (Source)

Tell me you wouldn’t love to stroll the streets of that Parisian Flea Market?!! The hubs and I went to Paris on our honeymoon back in 2011, but were only there long enough to climb the Eiffel Tower, eat a baguette, and we were on our way to Italy!! We want to go back sooooo bad!!!

Paris Flea Market #RustedRoots

The Marché Jules Vallès in Saint-Ouen (Source)

But until we can get back to Paris… the Raleigh Flea does the trick!! Even the treasures that I don’t take home, somehow find a way into the arms of a fellow junker. Did you see those blue industrial drawers in the first picture?? I posted that picture on Facebook while I was at the Flea, and Kristin, a Rusted Roots fan knew she had to have it!! She hopped in her car… came to the Flea.. and look!!!

Industrial Blue Chippy Drawers #RustedRoots

It was fate!! I mean, how cute is that?? I just love stories like that! Just one more reason to follow on Facebook… I got your back!! Oh! And remember this old wooden dynamite box that we had at our January Junk Show??

NC Junk Show #RustedRoots #JunkShow

Look what Miss Chasity did with that ‘ol box for Valentine’s Day!!!!

Upcycle Dynamite Box for Valentine's Day #RustedRoots

Dynamite, right?!! I tell ya, I feel so lucky to get to do what I love for a living! It is no doubt hard work, but so worth it! It makes me happy on so many levels. And that’s what life is all about!! The only downside to my job is dilemmas when I want to keep what I find!! Did you see this picture on Instagram??

Lots of Industrial Junk Finds #RustedRoots

I’m having a hard time with this one… I LOVE the industrial look!! And those baskets… eeeeeeek!!! Lucky for you junkies, I scored several wire baskets… so we’ll have those at the February 20-22 Junk Show!! Now, as for that chair and cart…. hmmmm…. we’ll have to see how that goes! Ha ha!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Is Chasity a photographer? I so picture a newborn propped up in that box for some really cute pics! 🙂

  2. Jo Ann Miller says:

    I would love to go Flea Hopping with you (no pun)! Lots of good STUFF!

    • Flea hopping… ha ha!! That’s a good one, Jo Ann!! I would LOVE to see you again!! I am hoping to get out to Texas for soe junking at some point… don’t know if it will be this year or next but it is on my to-junk list!!

  3. I love love love all these rusty, crusty finds!

  4. while we were stationed in Germany for four years, we lived only four hours from Paris and were lucky enough to make it over there about six times. I LOVE Paris and the flea markets in Europe are to die for!! If you ever get the chance to go back make sure you take in the Metz Floh Market.

    BTW, I love, love, love all the things you create with your finds and I hope to make it to one of your shows soon.

    • Oh, thank you, Jackie!!! I am so uber jealous!!! I sooooooo want to go back!! Maybe next year… it will be the hubs and my five year wedding anniversary!! You know I will go crazy shipping junk back!! Ha ha!!

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