Yard Sale o’Clock: Timing is Everything

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Timing is everything! Just ask Cinderella. Sure, she would have turned into a pumpkin at Midnight. But did she leave at 9pm to play it safe? Absolutely not! She pushed it to the limit. Running out of that palace at 11:59pm! Had she not been rushing, she wouldn’t have lost her shoe! Had she not lost her shoe, she wouldn’t have met the Prince! And had she not met the Prince, her life would have never been the same! Bottom line: Timing is everything and while some may think arriving early to the party is best. I’d venture to say that Cinderalla begs to differ!!

The same holds true for Yard Sale Shopping!! When that clock strikes yard sale o’clock, grab your Yard Sale Kit and jump right in! Today, I’m sharing how timing is everything to snag the deal you want! It’s part of my Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

It’s the age old timing trick to yard sale shopping… the early bird gets the worm. Okay. I can see that. The first person at the sale gets the best selection. They get first dibs on some of the most unique items. But let’s look at the other side of that shiny coin, shall we?

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping {Tip #8}

The first one at the sale also gets the highest prices! You can’t go into a sale at 6am on the first day and expect to do any squash-your-bucket negotiating. It aint happenin’. Those people know that what they have is good junk! And in the case of the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale, they’ve got four days to sell it! They aint cuttin’ you no deals at 6am on day one!!

Now, with that being said, if you see something you like and you are the early bird, write it down. Dig your high-tech-yard-sale-robot-companion (AKA cell phone) out of your Yard Sale Kit! Notate what the item is, where it is, and the price. I always take a picture too! You can always come back. There is a right way to negotiate on the first day… you just have to know how to do it! And you may have to come back on another day!!

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For the 127 Yard Sale, consider the timing in the week as well! The 127 Yard Sale is the first Thursday-Sunday in August. However, many of the vendors set up the weekend prior to the big sale. So keep that in mind. If you prefer the better selection over the better prices, know that arriving on Thursday bright and early may already be LATE!

Also know that many of the vendors on the 127 route mean business when it comes to this sale! They save up all year to sell tons of junk! And often bring out new stuff each day. So, keep an eye our for that box trailer that may house more fun junk! Or a barn where sellers may be pulling new stuff out! That’s how you find the cream of the crop before others get their pesky little hands on it! Ha ha!! I’m not bitter. Just a competitive yard sale shopper!!

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If you’re like me and are after a good deal!! Shop the end of the sale!! Especially for furniture! Just think “what you didn’t see won’t hurt you”. Try not to look in other people’s trucks at what they scored. Instead, keep your eye on the prize ahead! Shopping late in the day has a huge advantage, as sellers don’t want to haul those big pieces home! If you see a seller packing up. Don’t be afraid to still stop! Don’t be obnoxious or in the way. But say the secret codeword and then take a peak. If you see lots that you like… offer a price for all of it! You’d be surprised how many people want to just take your cash and leave the rest to you! They walk away happy and you walk away with a truck full ‘o junk!!

So, the bottom line… yard sale o’clock is just that! It’s when YOU choose to yard sale!! And with a sale as big as the 127 Yard Sale, the best time can truly be any time of day. So use that to your advantage. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it to that one sale by 6am on day two. You just never know what they may have! And being late could mean being the bell of the ball yard sale!! I’m sure that’s how Cinderella would do it!!

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Happy Yard Sale Shopping!!

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