About Us

Meet Candace and Bill, creators and curators of Rusted Roots and RustedRoots.com.  Candace and Bill are known for their adventurous take on antiquing, scouring the country for the best barn finds and taking their followers along for the journey on Facebook and Instagram. They travel up and down the east coast selling their wares at some of the largest antique shows, including the Country Living Fair, Lucketts Spring Market, Vintage Pickin', and more.

Recently, the pair launched the personal brand, Candace Herrero, a place where Candace will share, teach, inspire and encourage women (and men) to chase their dreams of building a better business and life.  The full fledged coaching business is set to launch early 2019. If you're searching for happiness, fulfillment, financial freedom and a better LIFE, join us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as we launch this new venture.

Diggin' Deeper with the Duo... 


  1. "While the rest of the south is eatin' tomato sandwiches, I'm over here with my bananas and Miracle Whip! Yes, Miracle Whip. Don't knock it 'til you try it! Nothing like the sweet tangy-ness of the ol' Whip and some nanners on a hot summer day!"
  2. "I was lucky enough to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune in 2014. I solved two puzzles..."Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep" and "Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies". I walked away with $5,400 and memories to last a lifetime! I used my winnings to purchase our old 1949 Chevy truck counter and a new king sized bed."
  3. "Speaking of Academy Awards, I actually won an Emmy Award myself, for my work as a News Reporter in Greenville, SC. After a short training session, and with firefighters by our side, my photographer and I suited up and went inside a burning building for a mock search and rescue mission. The point? To spotlight what these men and women do everyday to keep us safe. It was one of the most eye-opening stories I ever covered. Our military and emergency responders are true heroes!"
  4. "As a college student, I participated in Walt Disney World's College Program where I sold light up Mickey ears in what was then called Downtown Disney. That experience is where I truly felt I grew up. It was my first time away from home."
  5. "And last but certainly not least, I have a confession to make. I. AM. Afraid of the dark. Yes. Totally afraid. I freeze in my tracks if the lights go out. Something about the darkness totally creeps me out!"


  1. "My hair used to be bright orange. One time, while living in Okinawa, Japan as a young boy, some Japanese school girls clipped off a piece of my hair at a roller skating rink. They said it was good luck!"
  2. "I attended six different high schools as a US Air Force child."
  3. "I was once hit by a drunk driver while I was riding a bicycle. I got better!"
  4. "On a whim, in my twenties, I hopped in my car and drove across country. I went from North Carolina all the way to San Francisco with no route planned."
  5. "Over the course of my nearly 20 years in television news, I've met four US Presidents...Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump."

Wanna Chat?

When we're not in the barn, we spend most of our time on Facebook and Instagram! It really is the best place to chat with us. But if you've got more on your heart than a quick comment, feel free to send us an email through our contact page and we'll try our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.